THE VOICE: Stop unnecessary loss of good people

Well, 2020 is here. We have a new decade and perhaps a future where farming will be seen as the most sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly way to produce food known to man.

THE VOICE: Who’s the last rural knight standing?

With the loss of our two elder statesman, Sir Brian Lochore and Sir Colin Meads, who had a direct connection to the land and were seen as legends by rural and urban people have left a big hole as far as rural ambassadors, leaders, mentors and boys’ own heroes.

THE VOICE: Don’t believe M bovis rhetoric

I hope feedback requested by DairyNZ of farmers on whether to support the 3.9 cents a kilogram of milksolids levy to fund the Mycoplasma bovis response has been seen by farmers as a chance to pull the handbrake on the many failings the Ministry of Primary Industries and the misinformation it is creating while the response juggernaut is mindlessly travelling in the same way as a chicken removed from its head. 

THE VOICE: Farmers have had enough of MPI

The relationship between Primary Industries Ministry Mycoplasma bovis response director Geoff Gwyn and Mid Canterbury farmers is officially over if the rhetoric from farmers and the resulting actions taken to bypass Gwyn and go directly to new Primary Industries director-general Ray Smith following a tough week of talks is anything to go by.

Suicide: Call it what it is

Suicide affects communities and strong communities are needed to combat the problem of youth suicide rural New Zealand is still experiencing at alarming rates.

Mainstream media have to be careful how they report suicide cases and suspected cases. Their hands are tied by the law. 

THE VOICE: The right people for the job

Nait was a dog controlled by people who couldn’t whistle so the flock had no direction – the outcome of a poorly implemented animal traceability system that relied on farmers to be 100% compliant with no recourse for those who weren’t.

THE VOICE: Farmers are the best defence

Being the grandson of a drover I grew up hearing stories of cattle drives from one side of the North Island to the other, from the small town of Raetihi to the freezing works in Whanganui. The trips home on a fast moving horse or the hospitality shown to drovers, their stock and their dogs. 

THE VOICE: No more Lions at kiwi rodeos

Before Christmas suggested protests at Santa parades, hate mail to sponsors and supporters became commonplace against the legally sanctioned and highly scrutinised sport of rodeo.