THE VOICE: Farmers are the best defence

Being the grandson of a drover I grew up hearing stories of cattle drives from one side of the North Island to the other, from the small town of Raetihi to the freezing works in Whanganui. The trips home on a fast moving horse or the hospitality shown to drovers, their stock and their dogs. 

THE VOICE: No more Lions at kiwi rodeos

Before Christmas suggested protests at Santa parades, hate mail to sponsors and supporters became commonplace against the legally sanctioned and highly scrutinised sport of rodeo.

THE VOICE; The death of rural programmes

The announcement that NZ on Air funding has been cut for the Rural Delivery television programme has not come as a surprise to me, having witnessed the demise of support for the Young Farmer Contest from those in control of the programming and funding of what we get to watch on television.

THE VOICE: Meat - The farmers’ perspective

The diverse life of those who make their living producing meat or have the commitment to hunt successfully has never been shown in as an uncensored a version as the upcoming documentary MEAT.

THE VOICE: Safety rules widen the rural-urban divide

I know I’ve written lots recently about the loss of amenities and community assets in rural areas, however, in the last month this has escalated beyond belief as another quintessential Kiwi icon has been lost because of the threat of legal responsibility being too great a burden for those in control of the custom know as billeting.