MEATY MATTERS: Virus major test for Government

Headlines driving panic buying in Auckland supermarkets suggest either we are all facing an existential threat or, more likely, a small percentage of the population is reacting like idiots, presumably stocking up large in case one covid-19 case so far means they will have to self-isolate.

MEATY MATTERS: Meat exports hold up despite covid-19

Against a very uncertain economic background caused directly by the outbreak of covid-19 coronavirus one thing remains certain – the Chinese population must still have food to eat and their government has to make sure they can get it, though the purchase channels might have changed.

MEATY MATTERS: Brexit by no means a done deal

At long last, three and a half years after the surprise referendum result, Britain has formally left the European Union, with expressions of sorrow in the EU Parliament, dignified satisfaction from the United Kingdom government, anger and sadness on the part of Remainers and noisy displays of joy by chief Brexiteer Nigel Farage and his cohort in the European Parliament.

MEATY MATTERS: Don’t panic: Price drops a blip

It is difficult to see any real reason for panic over the sudden pre-Christmas reduction in demand for sheep meat and beef from Chinese importers that has led to prices coming off their peak. 

MEATY MATTERS: Jury still out on Alliance reset

Alliance's 2019 annual report states upfront the company is in the fourth year of its transformation strategy to capture greater market value and maximise operational performance, which has resulted in taking on some extra costs but already shows strong results and improved profitability.

MEATY MATTERS: Stars align for red meat sales

The Lamb Company was established nearly 60 years ago in Toronto to represent several New Zealand meat companies in North America, focusing initially on lamb and the Canadian market.

MEATY MATTERS: Confidence down but all not lost

The latest Rabobank quarterly Rural Confidence Survey has shown a dramatic fall in farmers’ view of the outlook for agriculture in the coming year though their pessimism is not so pronounced when considering the prospects for their own farm performance.

MEATY MATTERS: Idea good but details cause unease

Sheep and beef farmers are generally in agreement with the principles behind the Ministry for the Environment’s discussion document on the national direction for essential freshwater but there is substantial unease about the finer details. 

MEATY MATTERS: Brexit impact to drag on and on

Any hopes Brexit will be sorted this year are receding further into the distance with every new twist and there’s a strong chance the situation will have changed again by the time you read this.

MEATY MATTERS: Burying heads is not an option

Amid all the debate about agriculture’s responsibility to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets and the appropriate levels for those targets it might seem counterintuitive to claim an equally pressing problem is to earn a licence to operate.