MEATY MATTERS: Flood of dairy-beef unlikely

Meat processors have tried for years to encourage dairy farmers to up their numbers of beef-cross calves and either keep them or sell to rearers at three months.

MEATY MATTERS: Ag is committed to gas targets

The negative reaction to the methane target range in the Climate Change Amendment (Zero Carbon) Bill should not be taken as an indication the rural sector is at all opposed to the purpose of the Bill, nor does it suggest unwillingness to be part of the solution.

MEATY MATTERS: Unforgettable tour of the country

I have just returned home after two weeks touring New Zealand, mostly the South Island, by train and coach and can honestly say it was the most stunningly beautiful trip I have ever made.

MEATY MATTERS: Co-op model not ideal for all

Co-operatives emerged in the 19th century as an important business structure designed to protect the interests of a group of members, based on the principle of equitable distribution of benefits related to use or supply.

A&P Show over for another year

What a relief – the Warkworth A&P Show took place last Saturday, closely following the horrendous terrorist attack on Muslims in Christchurch, without adverse weather, traffic jams or any other problems.

MEATY MATTERS: The signals are clear enough

Every business has to find an appropriate balance between long and short term planning and farming is no exception. 

But, given farmers are very capable of planning and implementing their annual farm strategy, the long term offers the greater challenge. 

MEATY MATTERS: High-value exports need assurance

Since its start date of July 1 2017 the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme has generated a high uptake by processors and producers with a significant level of success. 

According to Red Meat Profit Partnership project manager Pat Turton nearly 3000 farms are registered and more than 80% of them have already been audited. 

MEATY MATTERS: No need to panic over Brexit

In spite of the fast-approaching deadline of March 29 when Britain is due to leave the European Union, not to mention the latest shipment date able to meet that deadline, there might be no need to get too concerned.

MEATY MATTERS: Pace of change getting quicker

Perhaps it’s my advancing age but it seems as though the changes facing agriculture demand ever faster reactions and responses to stay ahead or even just to keep pace with a whole series of challenges: public expectation, government regulation, consumer tastes, changing climate patterns and new technologies as well as the usual ones like finances, human resources and health pressures, both physical and mental.