FROM THE RIDGE: MPI and laughing at the dance of death

Last week’s curious story of the suspected poisoning of a bunch of Carterton School children took my attention. 

Jane and I watched the breaking news item and the dramatic shots of children being decontaminated and interviews of children who recounted that their friends had seen planes flying overhead with something coming out.

MEATY MATTERS: Multi-pronged approach to strategy

Since announcing its environment strategy in May, the Beef + Lamb New Zealand team responsible for developing the plans, processes and tools to help farmers achieve the ambitious goals of being carbon neutral by 2050 and every farm having an active farm plan by 2021 has been working flat out to get the right farm planning systems in place.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Feedlots can save the planet

I got a media statement recently from the Animal Law Association. 

It surprised me a little because I know lots of lawyers I’d describe as animals but having their own association?

FROM THE RIDGE: Be careful when talking about stock losses

Last week I wrote about the storm that ravaged the east coast of the North Island and the impacts on many people’s lambing.

I wrote: I’ve been a little guarded on my own radio show and in interviews on others as to the stock losses as we need to be more careful in what we say to a wider audience. We are under enough scrutiny now without inviting it upon ourselves.

PULPIT: UK farmers have edge on kiwis

Over the past 12 months I’ve visited numerous farms and agricultural companies throughout Britain. 

That insight provided an opportunity to observe New Zealand agriculture from an outside perspective and get a clear comparison with those on the other side of the world. 

FROM THE RIDGE: Farmers, line up for your weekly beating

It's like there is a big stick in a cupboard that they bring out every week to give farmers and farming a good whack. Well that’s how it feels now anyway.

Three weeks ago Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint spent all week giving feedlots and the Five Star one in particular a decent beating after SAFE provided it with drone footage. 

PULPIT: Fonterra’s future up to farmers

The dairy industry is full of commentators who seem expert at expounding their view of what is wrong with the industry but offer very little in the way of constructive opinion on the way forward.