PULPIT: Kiwis still at the leading edge

It's not every day you walk into a room of 80-odd people and the entire room is abuzz with chatter, where people come together with a common and passionate link – agriculture and food.

MEATY MATTERS: Farmer groups must lead change

Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Groups are a key initiative of the $64 million Primary Growth Partnership project jointly funded by farmers via Beef + Lamb New Zealand, six meat processors, two banks and the Government through the Ministry for Primary Industries.

PULPIT: Kiwis, Irish take wrong approach

Despite its battle-scarred history the Republic of Ireland seems to be getting its stuff together these days, at least on the farming and food front.

FROM THE LIP: Golf, beers, trees and travel beckon

It's goodbye from me.

A chance conversation at Fieldays with the new owner of Farmers Weekly, my old mate Dean Williamson (actually he’s the old owner who bought his baby back from NZX Agri) was the catalyst for a change of heart about writing this column.