PULPIT: Forests only a temporary measure

The recent Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment report Farms, Forests and Fossil Fuels is a breath of fresh air, which looks holistically at and puts in historical context a number of our land use sustainability issues.

Bank makes money moves

On the surface things look pretty good in the dairy sector but it’s what’s going on in the background that’s likely to have bigger, longer-term effects on farming.

FROM THE RIDGE: Winning couple an example for city folk

Another week, another fielday. 

But rest assured I do work reasonably hard when on the farm.

Last week’s event was the field day on the supreme award winner’s property for the East Coast region of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

MEATY MATTERS: Co-op model not ideal for all

Co-operatives emerged in the 19th century as an important business structure designed to protect the interests of a group of members, based on the principle of equitable distribution of benefits related to use or supply.

FROM THE RIDGE: Maori farms are doing good things

Last week I attended one of the Ahuwhenua Trophy finalist field days.

The trophy has been going for 86 years, having been set up by Sir Apirana Ngata and Lord Bledisloe to encourage skill and proficiency in Maori farming.