Farmer takes to people industry

Peel back to 1988 and Rodger Letham is scrambling to establish himself in real estate after selling the family’s sheep and crop farm.

Dairy lags in farm sale figures

Farm sales picked up towards the end of last year, but dairy activity still lags and there are signs of switches in land use in some regions, including Northland, Bay of Plenty/Rotorua/Taupo, and Manawatu/Wanganui/Wairarapa, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand says.

Foreign buyer numbers are down for farmland

The number of farmland sales to foreigners has halved in a year and there has been a dramatic increase in the number of applications not being completed since new foreign buyer thresholds were introduced by the Government.

Will dairy farm sales bounce back?

Sales outcomes of dairy farm marketing programmes will show the level of resilience following a 20% or so decline in prices over the last year, Real Estate Institute rural spokesman Brian Peacocke says.