Matawhero sheep 09.11

New season lambs made an appearance at Matawhero on Friday as just shy of 400 were penned.

Coalgate sale 08.11

A kind spring brought extra interest to Coalgate on Thursday, with the store pens of both sections benefiting.

Temuka sale store cattle sale 05.11, 08.11

There was something for everyone in the sheep pens at Temuka on Monday, with 2800 head well spread through the sections. Prime cattle also filled pens with processor space still tight.

Taranaki cattle, dairy beef weaner fair 07.11, 08.11

Three weeks of small sales meant Taranaki's Wednesday yarding was easy to absorb, and the whole sale had a buoyant tone. The dairy-beef weaner fair could not muster up the same enthusiasm and results were mixed.

Feilding prime sale 05.11

Extra buying power lifted hogget prices at Feilding on Monday, while all other sections sold on a steady market.

Rangiuru sale 06.11

Bay of Plenty put on a sterling day for the Rangiuru sale on Tuesday, which was a moderate yarding of mixed quality.

Pukekohe sale 03.11

A large yarding of cattle at Pukekohe on Saturday 3rd November met good buyer demand, though sold according to their type and quality.

Canterbury Park sale 06.11

The cattle section of the Canterbury Park sale on Tuesday featured cattle that were part of the New Zealand Agriculture Show. This annual competition is hotly contested by dedicated competitors, and the mainly exotic and traditional cattle entered were worth all of their competition status.

Wellsford store cattle 05.11

Another big yarding was presented at Wellsford on Monday, and with buyers able to be selective results were mixed.

Stortford Lodge prime sale 05.11

A solid sale at Stortford Lodge kicked off with 86 quality cattle last Monday. Cows made up the majority and most traded at $2.11-$2.33/kg, though two lines of Angus, 567kg and 613kg, included younger cows and managed a premium at $2.45 and $2.42/kg respectively. Prime steers, 582-605kg, were strong at $2.90-$3.01/kg.