More farmers feel bank pressure

More farmers are coming under pressure to repay debt as concerns about the impact of new capital rules on borrowing costs and availability continue to mount, according to Federated Farmers’ latest banking survey.

Water network to help farmers

The Government is funding a nationwide network of consultants or field officers to help farmers reduce their impact on freshwater quality, Environment Minister David Parker says.

Some councils too easy-going

Hawke's Bay, Manawatu-Wanganui, Otago and Wellington regional councils have all been found wanting in their ability to monitor and comply with Resource Management Act enforcement.

Southland tops the enforcement stakes

Southland Regional Council stands out as the top sheriff for resource management enforcement, a report on council enforcement standards says.

The independent report found Environment Southland oversaw the greatest amount of fines in 2017-18 under the Resource Management Act of any council, totalling $467,000.

Report gives policing benchmarks

Greater alignment between regional councils on determining, measuring and enforcing Resource Management Act breaches will be welcomed by Catalyst consultant Marie Doole who has reported on council’s enforcement efforts.

Farmers’ debt must come down

Banks say the costs of the Reserve Bank’s minimum capital proposal outweigh the benefits and will hit rural borrowers the hardest.

Deputy governor Geoff Bascand says it is needed so the banks can withstand not just a rerun of the global financial crisis but remain solvent in a once-in-200 years financial meltdown.

Winners good on every front

Adrian and Pauline Ball, owners and operators of Dennley Farms, are the new national ambassadors for sustainable farming and growing and the recipients of the Gordon Stephenson Trophy.

Dodgy fert size to get shake-up

Lumpy, uneven and irregular fertiliser, long the bane of farmers and spreaders, will face tighter scrutiny once the Fertiliser Quality Council establishes standards for the product’s physical qualities.

It’s the talking keeps you safe

This profile is part of a seven-part series from WorkSafe sharing the health and safety approaches taken by the grand finalists of the 2019 FMG Young Farmer of the Year competition. Over seven weeks we are sharing profiles and short videos about each of the finalists and how they incorporate health and safety into their work.