Export trade deals go on hold

It looks like another year of treading water for New Zealand’s trade negotiators as they wait for pieces of the global trade jigsaw to fall into place.

ETS changes need considering

Proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme and the timing of their announcement have come under fire, though the appointment of members to the Climate Change Commission has been welcomed.

More of the same please for 2020

Steady growth in export earnings from the main primary industries has been forecast by the Ministry for Primary Industries for the June 2020 financial year.

Banks cut back on rural staff

The Australian-owned banks are slimming down their rural lending divisions as doubt continues to swirl around their commitment to New Zealand’s $63 billion rural lending market.

Scientists paint carbon picture

Efforts to get a better handle on New Zealand’s soil carbon stocks have gained momentum with money from the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and Primary Industries Ministry as NZ ramps up understanding of carbon stores.

Sheep and cows’ milks are equals

Sheep milk provides the same human nutritional and health values as cow milk but does it at lower volumes, new research shows.

New laws tidy up farm issues

Parliament has passed a raft of new laws affecting farmers that require creditors to offer mediation to financially stressed farmers and tidies up flaws in the Nait scheme.

Farmlands moves focus forward

New Farmlands chairman Rob Hewett wants the farm supplies retailer to shift its focus to meeting the anticipated needs of farmers five years in the future.

New boss sees pastoral potential

The vast grassland expanses of South America offer some exciting opportunities for Gallagher’s new general manager Darrell Jones.