On Farm Story

Richard Cookson, Springdale 2:49

Richard Cookson and his wife Louise Cullen studied at Lincoln University but then went overseas for work at scientists rather than heading for the farm. However, 12 years ago they answered a call to return home and now run a cow and goat dairy unit.

Mike and Vicki Cottrell, Taihape 2:24

A desire not to be anchored to machinery led Mike and Vicki Cottrell to try something new. They headed for the hills and have spent a quarter-century running sheep and cattle on medium to steep back country near Taihape.

Hollie Wham and Owen Clegg, Manutahi 2:43

Hollie Wham and Owen Clegg are 50:50 sharemilkers who, despite achieving great things in the industry, give themselves little credit. Earlier this year they won the 2018 Taranaki Dairy Industry Awards Share Farmer of the Year title. They also won the Honda Farm Safety and Health Award, Ravensdown Pasture Performance Award and the Westpac Business Performance Award.

Lisa Kendall, Karaka 3:02

Lisa Kendall reckons she does a little bit of everything when it comes to hiring out her skills for farm work. But she’s also a competitor, scholar, researcher and consultant and is a passionate champion of animal welfare who wants to work toward farm ownership. And though she’s starting with a small sheep milk venture she already has ideas about diversification into cheese and a cafe.

David Kidd, Shelly Beach 2:37

The Kidd family has expanded its farming interests in the Auckland province with the purchase of a medium-sized dairy farm and some adjacent leased land for grazing at Shelly Beach on the south Kaipara Head. Every day they are learning and trying to do something better than yesterday. With two young daughters it's his goal to make sure they also have the opportunity to do something with this land at some point in the future.

Rob Cashmore, Orere 2:32

Tourists and commuter traffic along with proximity to Auckland keep Rob and Rachel Cashmore aware of the scrutiny farming is under. Rob’s not backward at sticking up for farmers but is also conscious of his role in protecting the land and nature while farming commercially.

Jodie Heaps, Mataura 2:00

With three of the four partners living in the North Island, teamwork is the secret to success for the Southland farm judged the best dairy business in the land. On Farm Story visited MOBH Farm and talked with Manager Jodie Heaps.

John Foley, Island Cliff 2:10

The Foley's and their team in Island Cliff are forward thinking in their approach to their dairy business.
In 2013 the low milk price was not the ideal time for a multimillion dollar dairy conversion let alone one writing its own blueprint, but John and Ruby had a vision and a goal and they were determined to see it through.

Geff Cookson, Kawakawa 2:06

The Cookson family are at the true heart of Northland's beef finishing in Kawakawa and are consistently producing carcaseweight yield and financial results well above the provincial average. Their pursuit of knowledge from hosting trials and research projects energises the Cooksons and draws hundreds of farmers to their field days.

John Falconer, Maniototo 2:07

John Falconer a farmer who says he is benefiting from two generations of careful deer breeding, makes something of an understatement describing his Central Otago deer farm business as diverse.

Will Morrison, Rangitikei 2:16

Rangitikei sheep and beef farmer William Morrison has connected his hill-country farm to the world through social media with images of the breathtaking property a hit on Twitter. By looking to the future he’s building on his family’s 150 years on the land.