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A cooler southerly flow is going to spread up NZ after a mild past few days. Showers will shift from mainly being in the North Island to the South Island (mainly south and eastern regions). This colder southerly flow will see a few lower snow flurries on Thursday too, but nothing serious. The colder air is actually coming in around a large high pressure zone spreading in south of Tasmania and coming in to Fiordland by Friday. This high will then cover NZ for the weekend - frosty weather for some. By next week this big high will start to slowly slink out to the east - encouraging, yet again, a mild northerly quarter flow out of the sub-tropics with further rain by next Tuesday/Wednesday.

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New Zealand has a spring weather pattern forming - this sees more injections of warmth than previous months. However we're certainly not done with the wintry southerly changes either. There will be southerly flows at times this week in the very south, helping to drop temperatures from time to time. But further north the winds won't be so cold. There's a good variety of highs and lows around the country, perhaps more high pressure dominating next week with sub-tropical northerlies again.


Weather Trends


Showers are mainly focused in the very east and north of the North Island but most will clear on Saturday. Then it’s dry again until mid next week when a front will bring pockets of rain into northern and western regions of both islands. One to watch in case it lingers and brings pockets of flooding. Until then, most of NZ looks to lean drier than average over the next week.


Southerly quarter winds fade with light winds in many areas, perhaps a sight east to south east breeze in the north. The winds won't be very strong. Winds become variable and calm over the weekend as the high rolls in. By early next week a N to NE flow should be forming and this becomes strong on Wednesday for a time.


Temperatures this week should be around average and start to lean milder than usual once again for most regions. The south of the South Island may be closer to normal (or even below normal) with more winds off the Southern Ocean moving in. 



Warmer than average next week with sub-tropical winds.