Today's situation

Tuesday 12th November, 2019 1 Tuesday 1211

Another cooler day in the North Island today (compared to lately) but most places are hovering around the 'normal' mark + or - a degree or so. Showers clear the western side in the  afternoon and the east by night.  The South Island today is mainly dry and becoming warmer than average again.












14 day outlook 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg 1211

Spring has its ups and downs and the next two weeks are no different with a warm-up returning this week and possibly a cool down coming later next week (not yet locked in). For the rest of this week we have warmer air coming back, starting today in the South Island and on Wednesday in the North Island. The westerly quarter flow may not be always warm for Southland this week with a few cooler days in the mix. This weekend sees a return to heavy West Coast rain and nor'westers over the South Island while the North Island has more subtropical winds. Next week is dominated by a mixture of westerlies and high pressure - and may end on a colder note.











Pasture Soil Moisture NIWA 1111

Pasture growth has been slowing down recently due to the uptick in dry, sunny, days. Windy weather has also contributed to a slow down. It's why any further wet weather this week is so critical for many, especially the top half of the North Island which has been drying out fast with summer-like temperatures last week. While NZ is heading back to a dry trend the weekend rain (and any showers this week) should see a lift in pasture growth.









Precipitation outlook

Percipitation mm 1111Percipitation 1111



Weather Trends


Most rain is on the West Coast and Southland this week with some wet weather briefly coming into the western and south western sides of the North Island. Generally speaking eastern areas look mainly dry, along with northern NZ.


Westerly quarter winds this week will dominate (although some locally may have varying directions).  The later part of this week sees winds becoming strong in exposed areas with sub-tropical flows again return for some northern areas this weekend.


Airflows are warming up again this week with warmer than average days more likely later in the week and this weekend. Southland may have some brief slightly cooler changes brushing coastal areas this week.


Some heavy rain on the West Coast off and on next 7 days. Warmer than average weather returns mid to late week for many.