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21st June 2018


High pressure continues to expand over the South Island today and into the lower North Island, while low pressure remains just north east of the North Island (but is moving away). Calm in the SI but brisk SE winds for the NI. Showers today: Eastern North Island and eastern Northland, easing.









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Sub-tropical low pressure is drifting away while high pressure extends across the Tasman and over the South Island, slowly expanding into the North Island. The centre of this high is unlikely to reach NZ and should remain anchored over Australia for now - we get the outer edges of it.

Being on the outer edges of a high does two things: 1) Brings a SW flow quite often to NZ. 2) Brings colder nights and clearer skies inland and to the east. As we head towards Friday SE winds over the North Island will turn SW. NW winds pick up nationwide by Sunday with windy, colder weather early next week, then a mid week high - but potentially a big rainmaker the following weekend.


Soil Moisture and Pasture Growth Index Soil Moisture NIWA

Today is the shortest day of the year (Winter Solstice) so it's not surprising a number of South Island regions will have single digit highs this week.

The long dark nights and fairly low daytime highs basically stop pasture growth altogether for many areas. However the nights won't be too brutal with many either frost free or having fairly light frosts. Pasture growth will be minimal but drier and brighter weather in the east of both islands will be helpful.


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Tuesday, 19th June 2018, Wednesday 27 June 2018


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Weather Trends


Generally speaking a drier than usual trend is now kicking in, especially for the eastern South Island (Canterbury - yay!). Despite some showers many other areas are also becoming drier for the next week, but still some rain/showers for western regions.


SE winds over the North Island today ease into Friday and turn more SW. Light winds over the South Island next few days, strengthening NW winds by Sunday nationwide turn cooler SW on Monday, then ease as high pressure grows.


The next couple of days and nights will be fairly cold around NZ with light frosts in sheltered inland areas (mainly the South Island). However milder NW winds kick in this weekend. Back to cooler next week for a few days.


Today is the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year. It's a precise moment in time, at 10:07pm tonight. It means today and Friday are equally as short. The days get slooowly longer from next week - positive thinking!