Today's situation

Thursday 12th December, 2019 1 Thursday 1212

Some patchy showers around Gisborne and northern Hawke's Bay. There may be a downpour further inland around the Central North Island. In the South Island some showers or rain in Fiordland may see a few spits into Southland and potentially an afternoon downpour inland. Otherwise dry nationwide today with light winds.














14 day outlook 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg 1212

The messy set up around NZ continues with air pressure around average (not too high, not too low). Air pressure is low enough to produce rain - but air pressure is high enough to make it sluggish. For example, we expect a few showers in the east of the North Island today but it's so weak it's hard to pinpoint who precisely gets the wet weather and who misses out. Heavy rain on West Coast this Friday looks to disintegrate by nighttime. But next Tuesday we do see a chance of more widespread rain as a sub-tropical nor'easter. Another chance for rain in our driest regions. Following on from that most parts of NZ lean drier again with high pressure from Aussie returning.











Pasture Soil Moisture NIWA 1012

The unsettled pattern is good for pasture growth. Unsettled doesn't always mean stormy, it just means we have changeable conditions - or sometimes unpredictable. Over the next week NZ will have a messier mix of places leaning wetter and drier than average (sometimes there's a clean west/east divide). The messy (hit and miss) set up is due to daytime downpours and some low pressure mixed in with high pressure. Put simply, this chaos means many places should see pasture growth improvement.









Precipitation outlook


 Percipitation mm 1012


Percipitation 1012

Weather Trends


A little rain this Friday around the West Coast - otherwise much drier! Elsewhere we have a mix of dry weather and downpours - it’s a little changeable day by day. Some wet weather for Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay this week too.


Winds aren't overly strong this week and some places there will be variable winds or sea breezes. No dominant wind flow.


Cooler than average nights are now fading as warmer airflows move back into NZ in the days and nights ahead.


There will be some isolated showers this week and weekend - some heavy and slow moving. West Coast - after your recent deluge - you have a much drier week but still a burst of rain on Friday.