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15-16th December


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More big downpours with isolated thunder on Friday though inland areas of both islands, but the risk eases as we head into the weekend. Saturday will still see afternoon downpours but Sunday should be much drier across a large portion of NZ. Temperatures will be average to above average.





Outlook – next 14 Days: 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg


More downpours are on the way over the next few days but they fade out around Sunday and Monday. We may have some big thunderstorms in the few days ahead too, mainly around the central North Island. The weak low in the Tasman Sea falls apart this weekend and high pressure dominates most of NZ by Sunday or Monday. Next week is shaping up to be fairly hot and dry with a chance some areas will reach the 30s. Over in Australia things are turning wet with Cyclone Owen in the north likely to affect a large portion of Queensland (no threat to NZ at this stage) plus another rainmaker in the south and this may drift to NZ later next week.



Soil Moisture Soil Moisture NIWA

Manawatu up to Central Plateau is now the driest part of the North Island, also some patches around Auckland's rural north (Hokianga Harbour) and western coastal Taranaki. It's also fairly dry in Nelson, although that area copes better with it. Saturated regions are parts of BOP, Wairarapa, Canterbury, Southland and Otago. The great news is that forecast wet weather favours the driest regions over the next 7 days while the saturated regions look mostly dry. A big positive for nationwide pasture growth. 

Precipitation outlook

Tuesday 11th, December 2018 - Wednesday 19th, December 2018 

Percipitation mm

Precipitation (% of normal) during the first period: 

Tuesday 11th, December 2018 - Wednesday 19th, December 2018




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Weather Trends


Daily downpours continue inland - mostly in the North Island and easing on Sunday. The further south you head the drier it will be with the lower half of the South Island drier than average in the week ahead.


Not a lot in the way of wind around the country with afternoon sea and lake breezes developing. There will be a light NE theme for today in the eastern South Island. Calm this weekend. Westerly quarter winds slowly develop next week.


Anywhere that has been cool lately will be warming up this weekend with average to warmer than average conditions. In the weeks ahead temperatures should slowly lift a little higher with possible 30s next week


The main focus this week will be afternoon downpours through inland areas, mostly in the upper half of the South Island and across the inland North Island. These will be heavy with possible thunderstorms.