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We've gone past the equinox and now the days become longer than the nights. We have some typical spring weather coming up - a mix of settled, mild, days with high pressure and the usual windy/stormy days thanks to low pressure. In the days ahead we have more westerlies and showers up and down the western coastline. Eastern NZ is mainly dry as will be a large portion of the very upper North Island (other than shower). This weekend we have an interesting development: A weather bomb (when a low drops 1hPa an hour for 24 hours) is likely in the Southern Ocean and is expected to bring a wintry blast to the South Island on Sunday/Monday and gales elsewhere. One to watch.

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We have a westerly flow up until the weekend then a storm in the Southern Ocean is expected to rapidly deepen and send a surge of strong to gale winds across New Zealand coupled with heavy West Coast rain and then a wintry southerly. This southerly blast around Sunday/Monday/Tuesday will see temperatures drop significantly in the South Island. This event is 'one to watch' as it may trigger weather warnings. High pressure returns later next week behind this.

Weather Trends


In a nut shell, east leans dry over the next week - and northern NZ is fairly dry too. Western areas have fairly average rainfall, especially the West Coast, and the lower North Island from about Kapiti up to Taranaki. But most eastern areas still lean drier than normal.


Westerlies blow across New Zealand in the days ahead with gusty conditions in the usual areas. This weekend winds ramp up further then turn colder/windier S to SW on Sunday/Monday and Tuesday - wind warnings are possible.


Warmer than average in most regions for the week ahead. No extremes although many eastern areas may be several degrees warmer than average due to the nor'westers continuing at times. Frosts look minimal.



A big storm in the Southern Ocean around Sunday/Monday will likely bring severe weather to parts of NZ. It may also produce winds that are stressful for newborn livestock. Definitely one to watch.