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All eyes are on the Southern Ocean as we approach Easter Weekend. As we build up to the long weekend expect windy conditions to develop off and on as the pattern around NZ becomes more unsettled. The peak of the stormy weather looks to be this Sunday and Monday (over Easter). The main surge moves up the nation on Sunday with colder air behind it - spreading nationwide by Monday - easing by Tuesday. A big high returns to NZ by next Wednesday..


Weather Trends


Despite a big low in the Southern Ocean rain clouds won't be too helpful for drought zones in the north. Over the next 7 days, even with the incoming showers, the North Island and eastern South Island lean drier than average.


Northerly quarter winds develop or continue early this week. By Thursday windy westerlies cover NZ - turning colder, windier, southerly quarter into the weekend.


Most places are warmer than average or average to kick off this week. By this weekend it should be significantly cooler than normal for many places - one to monitor.


The main feature looks to the big storm in the Southern Ocean this weekend/early next week - it may bring some snow to low levels, heavy snow higher up, and gale force winds.