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Winter weather is upon us but despite a burst of midweek wind and cold the later part of this week and into the weekend sees a much more settled change. High pressure will continue to expand in the days ahead, bringing lighter winds, lighter showers and milder touch to the air flow. Early next week two highs join forces creating a larger belt of high pressure over NZ and to the south of NZ and Tasmania. This high pressure belt dominates NZ until Wednesday of next week, then a weak Tasman Sea low may drift in. Even if it doesn't, there is a chance the high may create some northern rain thanks to the nor'east airflow. After that, more high pressure.

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High pressure is the main feature of our 7 day outlook, with high pressure slowly rolling in to northern NZ this weekend (and brings milder westerlies to the South Island). High pressure dominates next week but a Tasman Sea low may drift in with some rain (it's not locked in, but if it does occur may tap into sub-tropical moisture for the upper North Island next Thursday/Friday).


Weather Trends


Rainfall over the next week starts to settle down a bit thanks to high pressure. The south west side of both main islands will take the higher rainfall numbers, while eastern areas lean drier. The next 7 days have either normal or lower than normal rainfall. There's low to moderate confidence of some northern rain later next week.


Winds ease as high pressure brings lighter winds to the North Island into the weekend and early next week. This set up means more westerlies for the South Island. Later next week nor’easters are likely in northern NZ.


Colder in the South Island, especially on Wednesday as another cold front moves up the country with the usual July W to SW change. Later in the week temperatures should lift a little as winds turn more W to NW.


Frosty weather returns to many sheltered parts of NZ over the next few nights. Many regions leaning drier than average. A low with sub-tropical connections may affect northern NZ late next week with some rain.