Weekend situation

SATURDAY: Western showers right up NZ, mainly dry in the east. Windy westerlies at times. SUNDAY: More heavy West Coast rain, a bit wet in Southland, dry for most others.

Weekend weather












14 day outlook 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg 1710

The North Island has finally cleared today and Thursday is a quieter day before the next low rolls in on Friday bringing a burst of strong to gale nor'westers around the upper South Island and Cook Strait and further heavy West Coast rain. That western rain falls apart entirely as it moves into the North Island at night with only a few showers making it to the north. Westerly quarter winds will be brisk at times this weekend around central (upper SI, lower NI areas) and mountainous parts of the South Island. Next week kicks off mild but a colder change on Tuesday/Wednesday spreads up NZ, then further windy westerlies next week. Wintry for a time on Tuesday in Southland.











Pasture Soil Moisture NIWA 1610

Overall New Zealand is in a very good set up for pasture growth with the sub-tropical warmth and some wet weather all helping. With a fairly mild week ahead and potentially more milder than normal days we expect good pasture growth right across the country. Southland and Otago - after a wintry run so far this October - have a warmer change this week which should locally be a boost to you too. No where looks concerning at this stage soil moisture-wise or pasture growth wise.









Precipitation outlook

Percipitation 1610Percipitation mm 1610



Weather Trends


The next several days ahead will see rain lean more around the West Coast with other areas leaning drier than average for a time. 


Westerlies kick in by Friday and the weekend with strong to gale gusts around Cook Strait and the Southern Alps. Next Tuesday and Wednesday winds turn S to SW for for a time and will be stronger and colder.


Most places are average to warmer than average over the next few days and across the weekend. Next week kicks off warm but a cooler (colder than average for some places at times) change moves in around Tuesday/Wednesday - then mild again.


Heavy West Coast rain starts Thursday and may linger until early next week - keep up to date with possible rain warnings. Strong winds around the lower North Island and Southern Alps at times.