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27th April 2018

A southerly change is slowly heading northwards with high pressure growing behind it but low pressure developing around northern NZ. As we head into the weekend conditions dry out for the most part in the South Island but rain, with isolated heavy falls, lingers around parts of the North Island.











Outlook – next 14 Days: 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg 2604b

The 14 day InfoGraphic today may look a little conflicting but there is madness to it. The general theme is for more dry days than wet ones, which is why there is red shading nationwide. This doesn't mean it will be drier than usual, simply the majority of the next 14 days won't have rain in them for most regions.

There are some rain events - one is coming this weekend but the main rain bands are fractured and broken up, eg Heavy downpours while others may not get much (within regions). It's a nationwide rain maker but mainly affects the North Island. High pressure returns next week but another NZ-wide rain maker comes in May 6 to 8 (at this early stage)





Soil Moisture and Pasture Growth IndexSoil Moisture NIWA 2604

Soil is drier than usual around Gisborne and further north into coastal East Cape, also between Central Plateau and northern Manawatu (Taihape area) and finally a narrow strip from Hokianga Harbour to Whangarei. Wetter than usual everywhere else. The low this weekend will bring rain to these driest areas which is the positive news and not as much to most areas which are sodden. This mix plus high pressure & generally mild weather looks positive for nationwide pasture growth rates.

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Precipitation outlook

Wednesday 25, April 2018 to Thursday 3, May 2018

Percipitation mm 2604

Precipitation (% of normal) during the first period: 

Wednesday 25, April 2018 to Thursday 3, May 2018

Percipitation 2604

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Weather Trends


Rain moves up the West Coast on Friday then eases there but continues off and on around some parts of the North Island this weekend as a new low pressure system forms. Becoming mainly dry next week NZ-wide thanks to a high.


A northerly flow in many areas eases over the weekend as a low cross the upper North Island then south to south east winds for most places into the start of next week, fading next week as another high rolls in.


Mild weather for North Island this weekend but cooler in the South Island thanks to a southerly flow. By early next week most regions have the cooler southerly then a mild rest of the week thanks to a large high.


Heavy rain up the West Coast overnight Friday then a low forms around the North Island across Sat/Sun/Mon bringing localised heavy falls. Nothing else next week to speak of but a low looks possible next weekend.