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Friday 16th, August 2019 1 Friday 1608

FRIDAY: Rain develops on the West Coast, later spreads into Southland. Dry in the east and most of the north.













14 day outlook 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg 1608

More wind and rain is on the way for New Zealand but we have some calm, dry, days in there too. This Saturday a cold southerly moves up the South Island and brings cold rain and snow into the mountains and ranges. In fact for a time it may fall as low as 100 or 200m around Southland. On Sunday the rain transfer to the upper North Island and many other regions dry out. Monday looks fairly settled in both islands but it's all ahead of a windy week of westerlies which moves in around Tuesday or Wednesday. There may be some large lows next week too in the NZ area. Next week looks driest in the east, wettest in the west.






Pasture Soil Moisture NIWA

Most of NZ has no soil moisture deficit now, as to be expected in mid-winter! More rain is on the way in the week or two ahead with a number of weak lows and western fronts. Frosty weather is limited with many more nights frost free. We also have some warmer than average days in the mix. Rain leans west, drier weather leans east. Overall this is a positive forecast nationwide for a pasture growth bump next 7 days, even if small.










Precipitation outlook


Percipitation mm




Weather Trends


While rain generally leans west over the next week we do have some rain spreading into northern and eastern areas too this weekend. Rainfall looks about normal for the North Island, a bit wetter than normal on the West Coast.


A westerly flow develops on Friday, lingering to Saturday for the NI while a colder southerly moves up the SI. Variable winds on Sunday. Northerly quarter winds on Monday & Tuesday. Westerly quarter winds return next week, possibly strong at times.


Warmer over Friday afternoon but a much colder South Island southerly on Saturday. There may be some heavy frosts this weekend in the South Island. Next week has a lot of chaos - some mild days, some colder ones.


Snow to 100 or 200m for a time on Saturday with biting cold windchills for newborn stock. Next week looks unsettled.