Today's situation 

Tuesday 18th February, 2020  1 Tuesday 1802


Showers linger on the West Coast today while elsewhere in the South Island showers develop, especially around the lower eastern side. The North Island is fairly humid with cloudy areas but again mainly to completely dry.  Canterbury also looks mainly to completely dry.












14 day outlook 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg 1802

Further remnants of ex-Cyclone Uesi bring more rain to the West Coast today while elsewhere humidity levels are up coupled with daytime heat to produce afternoon downpours. By mid to late week a new low will form int he Tasman Sea and should send a weak cold front into the North Island and West Coast this weekend - then falls apart over the North Island on Sunday. Between the daily downpours and weekend broken front this means there will be some isolated areas of relief coming - but it is hit and miss and will not "undo" the droughts. A new tropical cyclone well to NZ's north east won't impact our weather to any serious degree.





Pasture Soil Moisture NIWA 1702

We have droughts in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Gisborne and North Canterbury with other regions in a serious 'big dry' and this week there is some chance of isolated downpours bringing localised pockets of grass growth back. But it depends on if it's a one off shower, or a few days of downpours especially with grass dying or now dead in many places. In Southland further rain coupled with warmer weather may see a positive pasture spike, same story on the West Coast too.







Percipitation (%) during the period Sunday 16th February - Monday 24th February 2020

Percipitation 1702

Percipitation (mm) during the period Monday 24th February - Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Percipitation mm 1202

Weather Trends


Showers will be bubbling up this week across parts of the central North Island and western and upper South Island. Some isolated areas of wet weather otherwise still drier than normal in many places (except the West Coast) and some weekend rain may help North Island drought zones.


Thanks to high pressure we have sea breezes / light variable winds for many however a more humid N to NE flow exists in many places this week.


Inland areas will be warmer than average over the next week with more humidity making both overnight lows and daytime highs feel even warmer. Eastern coastal areas exposed to NE winds will be cooler.


With downpours and showers around Facial Eczema will be more of an issue. Rain this coming weekend may move in from the Tasman Sea to the North Island bringing some relief  - but patchy with some dry areas remaining.