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20th August


A large low in the Tasman Sea will today slowly start to move into New Zealand (and will take most of this week to do so). Rain along the entire western coastline expands today. Mainly dry in the east of both islands - but some spillover. Milder than average for most.



Outlook – next 14 Days: 14 Day Outlook Portrait w white bg

A big low is crossing NZ this week and will bring rain, then showers and then a colder change for some - but not all. We mentioned this colder change last week and now that we're in the new week the outlook isn't too bad. It will be colder for some regions for a time from Tuesday to Thursday with snow on the ranges and temperatures (especially by day) being average to even below average (been a while!). So a colder week on the way means a slowing down of any pasture growth. But, the days are getting longer now, the sunlight hours are increasing and the upcoming weekend is looking mostly sunny and settled, with mild nor'easters a week from now. 






Soil Moisture Soil Moisture NIWA

With so much warmer than average weather lately, plus the sun coming out too, pasture growth has occurred nationwide in recent weeks. A positive winter twist. With wildfires in Canada and America and a major drought in New South Wales we're currently in a bubble of good weather for pasture growth. In saying that, this week has more air from over the Southern Ocean and that means a cool down is coming, especially in the South Island. Slower pasture rates this week.


Precipitation outlook

Wednesday, 15th August 2018 - Thursday, 23rd August 2018

Percipitation mm

Precipitation (% of normal) during the first period: 

Wednesday, 15th August 2018 - Thursday, 23rd August 2018



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Weather Trends


With such a large low rolling in across NZ this week we can expect varying wind directions which will mean a fairly even distribution of rain across the country. Wet weather also moves up the eastern coastline. Dry late week/this weekend.


Varying wind flows over the next few days. Winds aren’t too strong this week and the directions will vary as this large low crosses NZ. Perhaps a SE lean mid to late week before fading thanks to an incoming high.


Snow on the ranges, especially the south. Cooler air flows develop this week for a time, making it cooler by day but the cloud and air flows will make this week milder at night. In the north, fairly mild day and night.


Not much extreme weather this week but a few highlights. There may be a few snow flurries near Queenstown and Wanaka. Wetter weather moves up the east coast after a recent dry spell. A cooler week for the South Island by day.