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We have a chaotic weather pattern at the moment and it's not just La Nina. With the Southern Ocean much stormier than usual and La Nina only moderately in action it puts NZ in a more spring-like set up with chaotic weather bringing variety. In NZ "variety" (also known as the chaos factor!) is usually a good thing for farmers and growers (not always, but generally). With the Southern Ocean more active that will help balance out some of La Nina's typical functions (more nor'easters, drier in the south etc). As we've seen this past week (and again across this week) the ups and downs of a chaotic pattern bring us a spring-like/autumn-like weather pattern. Summer arrives this week on the Meteorological calendar - but it may feel more like the middle of spring.

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The more active Southern Ocean is balancing out many of the impacts of La Nina in NZ. So instead of the south of NZ going too hot and dry (as Government forecasters have said) you're getting some Southern Ocean injections. As we're seeing at the moment that's bringing in some wet weather - and colder changes. We see some big highs rolling into NZ from Aussie once December kicks in properly though - but they will dominate north of NZ encouraging more westerly quarter winds over the South Island/lower North Island.

Weather Trends


Good rainfall over the North Island last week setting up many regions for a positive start to summer and early 2021 (can you believe 2020 is nearly over!?). Over the next week or two the North Island and eastern areas may return back to 'drier than average' for this time of year. Rain looks more 'spring-like' with a south west lean (ie, Fiordland leans wetter than normal, but Westport is about right and New Plymouth northwards leans drier than average.


Windy W to SW winds off and on over the next week or so as high pressure grows north of NZ and more big storms in the 'more-active-than-usual' Southern Ocean continue to churn past. Calmer weather for more places mid to late next week.


Colder than average at times this week but eastern areas (especially in the north) will benefit from the westerly flow bringing milder and drier weather. Similar with northern facing regions in both islands too.


The Southern Ocean weather patter is far more active - only is talking this much about it. For those in the South Island and lower North Island it injects more cold fronts and westerlies into the forecast. Northern NZ - drier than average again next 7 days.