PULPIT: Regenerative ag not our brand

New Zealanders have a reputation of being pioneers. 

We discovered NZ, climbed Mount Everest and made the America’s Cup NZ’s Cup in the words of sailing commentator Peter Montgomery. Many ethnicities and waves of immigration have created a can-do attitude and pioneering is our way of life. Observe, modify, improve, develop. 

PULPIT: Too important for lazy labels

The espoused benefits of regenerative agriculture have captured headlines recently. Proponents argue climate, soil health, waterways and food nutrition can all be improved by taking a regenerative approach. 

That’s quite a list for a cure-all.

PULPIT: Farmers miss forestry wealth

On average Jack and Jill farmers work extremely hard to create wealth for themselves and others. 

They face adversity of all types, getting up each morning determined that growing more grass and converting it into great products will one day make them and their children well off while dealing with mounting environmental and compliance costs that would stop a charging bull. 

PULPIT: Why I’m voting yes to DairyNZ

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing when you think it to be a lot of knowledge.

I can’t take credit for the above wisdom but I can remember I took a photo of it in a book of poems in Browsers Bookshop in Hamilton because it really resonated with me.

Making headway on M bovis

I'm delighted to say all the indicators suggest we’re doing very well in our fight against Mycoplasma bovis.

PULPIT: Time to show gratitude to farmers

Where does the desire come from for people to follow and compete in sports?

The ancient Olympics were started in 776BC and to this day people are still hooked on pushing themselves to win and become the champion on top.