PULPIT: ‘We have got farmers’ backs’

The sheep and beef sector is at a crossroads. 

As farmers, we’re facing unprecedented scrutiny over our environmental performance and animal welfare while alternative proteins are likely to become a major competitor for New Zealand’s red meat products over the next three to five years.

PULPIT: We can do fine without GM grass

Hey consumer, it’s up to you if you want to see a change in our farming systems.

I normally keep my head low and decided a long time ago to save my energy for the already converted.

PULPIT: Kiwis still at the leading edge

It's not every day you walk into a room of 80-odd people and the entire room is abuzz with chatter, where people come together with a common and passionate link – agriculture and food.

PULPIT: Kiwis, Irish take wrong approach

Despite its battle-scarred history the Republic of Ireland seems to be getting its stuff together these days, at least on the farming and food front.

PULPIT: Trade stance a worry for farmers

While New Zealand farmers should be pleased the Government has finally achieved lift off for a free-trade negotiation with the European Union they should be worried by some of the comments by Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom about the existing quota commitments by the EU for some NZ meat and dairy exports to the EU.

PULPIT: Marketing process not agreed yet

The Farmers Weekly editorial, When industry good goes bad, made some interesting observations about the Red Meat Story and Taste Pure Nature, however, it also demonstrated a misunderstanding of the process.