PULPIT: Make farm safety a summer focus

While most New Zealanders are looking forward to the Christmas break there are some jobs where there’s always work to be done like those in hospitals, the emergency services and on farms.

PULPIT: Lack of meat staff can be fixed

The meat industry says there is a shortage of about 2000 workers but that is a challenge that goes well beyond simply demanding foreign workers to fill the gap.

Ask any long-term meat worker. 

PULPIT: Heading for a TB-free future

Ospri Chairman Barry Harris says New Zealand farmers can be proud of the progress of the TB Plan towards eradicating the infectious livestock disease bovine tuberculosis.

PULPIT: Less effective killers cost more

Glyphosphate, commonly sold as Roundup, has been in the news again, this time because of a link to antibiotic resistance. 

Canterbury University’s Professor Jack Heinemann has done some interesting work in the laboratory. He has also acknowledged agar plates in controlled conditions are a very long way from field use. 

PULPIT: Picking rams made easy

October is the time most sheep farmers start to think of buying their rams to replace those that have passed their use-by date.

The vast majority of these farmers are very loyal to their ram suppliers, with some buying from the same source for decades.

PULPIT: Legislate to stop calf deaths

Ngongotaha calf rearer Patricia Hosking has written an open letter to Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor to voice her concerns about the health of calf offered for sale.

PULPIT: More lamb loss research needed

Severe lamb losses in recent weeks, as a result of spring storms, have sparked a fresh debate about what more our farming sector can or should be doing to prevent deaths on such a scale.

PULPIT: UK farmers have edge on kiwis

Over the past 12 months I’ve visited numerous farms and agricultural companies throughout Britain. 

That insight provided an opportunity to observe New Zealand agriculture from an outside perspective and get a clear comparison with those on the other side of the world. 

PULPIT: Fonterra’s future up to farmers

The dairy industry is full of commentators who seem expert at expounding their view of what is wrong with the industry but offer very little in the way of constructive opinion on the way forward.