OPINION: Don’t give away provenance value

The past month has been one of reflection as I contemplate the ramifications for the wider industry of the potential sale of Westland Dairy Products to a corporate entity. 

PULPIT: Forests only a temporary measure

The recent Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment report Farms, Forests and Fossil Fuels is a breath of fresh air, which looks holistically at and puts in historical context a number of our land use sustainability issues.

PULPIT: Ethiopian project bears fruit

We have now been involved with Amlaku in Ethiopia for almost 10 years. 

During that time we have seen this extraordinary young man come into his own as a community leader, as a visionary and as an instigator of projects that have transformed life for his entire community of some 70 families. 

PULPIT: Setting the wheels in motion

Climate Change Minister James Shaw and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor look at the direction they want agriculture to head in an article they call Our Changing Climate and Primary Production: Moving from questions to answers.

PULPIT: Messy process means no one wins

On the face of it the Resource Management Act (RMA) and its application is a wide-ranging, all-encompassing, citizen-friendly piece of legislation.

When it was released in 2001 the then Environment Minister Simon Upton made a video for councillors about their role. 

PULPIT: Farming vital, pollution isn’t

Good, robust debate on key issues is important if New Zealand is to continue as a progressive, forward-thinking democracy.

But that sort of high-quality, informed debate can happen only when it is based on facts.

PULPIT: What if you can’t agree on compo?

Getting compensation for loss is never as straightforward as you’d like it to be – whether you are dealing with an insurer, a commercial partner or the government the process is always time-consuming and often frustrating.

PULPIT: Farmers’ action can defy critics

The world has changed and it’s time our industry took control of its future.

The only reason our industry is being targeted by environmentalists and, consequently, the Government, which needs votes to stay in power, is because we lack unity and leadership.

PULPIT: Good soil the key to prosperity

While we support its underlying intention to improve the environment through farming practices we have an issue with sustainable farming.