PULPIT: Input v output-based regulation

The impact of farming on the environment is facing scrutiny and significant policy reform is underway, but it’s critical New Zealand has a conversation about whether we want input-based or output-based regulation.

PULPIT: Clear heads needed to revive wool

It's amazing how clear you can think when you’re drenched in sweat and your muscles are hissing from so much lactic acid you feel as if you’re lying on a bed of red hot coals.

PULPIT: Time for a whole food strategy

As the world gazes in awe at New Zealand for its success in controlling covid-19 this moment has been recognised as providing the perfect platform to both demonstrate leadership and share our stories from an elevated global stage.

PULPIT: Are your cows beauties or beasts?

It has been a very exciting news week  for the dairy industry. 

The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards prize-giving held on 4 July and two previous Global Dairy Trade price increases have provided a boost in confidence and positivity, bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry.

PULPIT: Right forests can help farmers

I share a number of the concerns Alan Emerson raises in his Alternative View: One hand plants, the other kills.

The concern around productive farmland being converted into forestry is real.