Making headway on M bovis

I'm delighted to say all the indicators suggest we’re doing very well in our fight against Mycoplasma bovis.

PULPIT: Time to show gratitude to farmers

Where does the desire come from for people to follow and compete in sports?

The ancient Olympics were started in 776BC and to this day people are still hooked on pushing themselves to win and become the champion on top.

PULPIT: Native hunters shun exotic pests

Planting botanical species to attract the enemies of pests is becoming popular around the world as primary producers search for effective, non-synthetic pest-control strategies. 

It’s a pest-management strategy known as conservation biocontrol.

PULPIT: Everyone must get behind farmers

As all New Zealanders wrestle with the immediate impact of covid-19 and contemplate what it will mean for them in the short to medium term NZ needs its primary producers more than ever.

Our primary sector is one of the few industries continuing to work while the country is in lockdown – providing  food  for New Zealanders, the rest of the world and generating much-needed export receipts.

PULPIT: Connectivity boost will help regions

As the financial toll of containing covid-19 becomes apparent it seems every person and their dog is offering suggestions on how to keep the economy moving and assist in a recovery. 

So, with my daughter’s trusty golden retriever Elsa asleep at my feet, here is my take.

PULPIT: Environment moves must be fair

The past few weeks have served to remind New Zealanders about the importance of the country’s primary sector.

Food has become big news. 

PULPIT: Here’s how to grow your soil

I always read and enjoy Steve Wyn-Harris’s column and to a lesser extent Alan Emerson’s. 

I was a little bit disappointed with the March 2 column. 

Crisis creates opportunities

Yesterday we had planned to host a large gathering of farmers and industry people to celebrate our win of the Westpac Bayleys Marlborough Farmer of the Year 2019 title.

With a large part of New Zealand facing the challenge of drought we were excited about the chance to share with those interested the values and principles behind the people and the systems here at Bonavaree.

PULPIT: Only two men to tackle possums

This is a farmer’s viewpoint on Ospri’s ineffective management of bovine tuberculosis in the Waitara Valley.

Oh man, what a shitty night’s sleep.