PULPIT: Non-bank lending on the rise

Lending from non-bank sources is on the comeback trail.

The sector includes credit unions, non-bank deposit takers, building societies and finance companies.

Break the cycle of transmission

As we struggle to fathom how we ended up in the throes of the covid-19 pandemic, we’re reminded of the importance of vaccinations to protect us from life-threatening diseases. The same applies to animals – to preserve their health and wellbeing as well as ours – due to the spread of disease between animals and humans.

PULPIT: What’s next for your farm?

New Zealand is recognised globally as a clean, green nation with a “100% pure” brand to boot. This brand has served us, and our commodities, well for many years. In fact, our trusted brand has proved remarkably resilient throughout the covid-19 era, with many exporters experiencing strong commodity demand given NZ’s status as a quality food-producing nation. But how sustainable is this sector’s continued success?

PULPIT: Keep an eye on bank funding costs

Financial conditions remain stimulatory and loose/supportive, with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) still pushing on the accelerator, buying bonds and supplying cheap funding to banks, while maintaining the Official Cash Rate (OCR) at 0.25%.

PULPIT: The future of food is now

Imagine a world where you can get monthly personalised nutrition stacks 3D printed and delivered directly to your door, matching your own personal circumstances, requirements and goals.

PULPIT: Native trees should be a priority

I was delighted to read the article Native Trees Come with Some Caveats, featuring Steve Wakelin and Tim Payn. It is most unfortunate for natives that the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has focused purely on the amount of carbon lock-up facilitated by an area of trees and not taken into account other and arguably as important criteria.

PULPIT: Forestry rates, are they fair?

A number of correspondents and opinion pieces from production forest owners, and/or their representatives, have complained of the unfairness of increasing their rates.

PULPIT: Still time to right the ship

One of life’s commercial shibboleths is that one should be wary of going into business with close friends because emotion is always involved.

PULPIT: Rates shouldn’t be used to penalise

The owners of big plantation forests may not be the most-favoured rural landowners, and often are based overseas. So, you may never see them helping out at a school or sports club fundraiser, even if their employees and contractors are stalwarts of many rural communities.