PULPIT: Messy process means no one wins

On the face of it the Resource Management Act (RMA) and its application is a wide-ranging, all-encompassing, citizen-friendly piece of legislation.

When it was released in 2001 the then Environment Minister Simon Upton made a video for councillors about their role. 

PULPIT: Farming vital, pollution isn’t

Good, robust debate on key issues is important if New Zealand is to continue as a progressive, forward-thinking democracy.

But that sort of high-quality, informed debate can happen only when it is based on facts.

PULPIT: What if you can’t agree on compo?

Getting compensation for loss is never as straightforward as you’d like it to be – whether you are dealing with an insurer, a commercial partner or the government the process is always time-consuming and often frustrating.

PULPIT: Farmers’ action can defy critics

The world has changed and it’s time our industry took control of its future.

The only reason our industry is being targeted by environmentalists and, consequently, the Government, which needs votes to stay in power, is because we lack unity and leadership.

PULPIT: Good soil the key to prosperity

While we support its underlying intention to improve the environment through farming practices we have an issue with sustainable farming.

PULPIT: A year for change?

It is a well-worn adage that change is the only constant, but this year that need for change in the dairy sector has never been greater. 

The tumultuous global markets of the past five years, massive industry debt and controversy over industry growth and direction have left many dairy farmers feeling disconnected at best from their industry and cynical, even angry, at worst.

PULPIT: Plenty on meat body’s plate

The busy pace of 2018 looks set to continue in 2019 with a number of important initiatives in the pipeline and policy issues likely to be decided by Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

PULPIT: Vanguard role scary, exciting

We dairy farmers are used to change. 

We are continually working to keep productivity high while making changes to how we farm that will reduce our environmental footprint. 

PULPIT: Make farm safety a summer focus

While most New Zealanders are looking forward to the Christmas break there are some jobs where there’s always work to be done like those in hospitals, the emergency services and on farms.