PULPIT: Tree problems will last centuries

In the 1960s the old Patangata County Council, now the eastern portion of Central Hawke’s Bay District, embarked on an ill-considered scheme to plant the road verges in radiata pines.

PULPIT: Govt spurs hate-a-farmer mania

When I was on Federated Farmers board a few years ago I did a presentation to the council where I described farmers as being like possums in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

PULPIT: Food producers vital to NZ

New Zealand has always had poor native biodiversity. 

What a contrast to Africa with 1150 species of mammals, 68 species of snakes, 431 species of birds and 1279 species of freshwater fish. 

PULPIT: Good dairy story must be told

With so much noise in the agricultural industry about greenhouse gas mitigation I feel it becomes relevant that our urban brothers and sisters are properly informed.

PULPIT: Rural folk, defend yourselves

As a proud Southland dairy farmer the wellbeing of our rural families concerns me greatly.

They are constantly bombarded with the hypocrisy of extreme groups and some ministers in our Government.

PULPIT: Food producers of NZ unite

A dairy farmer friend told me “Just go to a cafe, look at the menu and what people are eating and you know things are changing.”

That was years ago. Change continues and the pace of change is accelerating. 

PULPIT: Contest is really a talent quest

The 2019 FMG Young Farmer of the Year grand final was the most tech and innovation-driven contest to date. 

The gruelling three-day event in Hawke’s Bay tested competitors’ fencing and machinery skills but also challenged their tech-savviness, critical business thinking and asked how they would market food and innovate for the future. 

PULPIT: Farmers must face the future

Farmers are facing some of the biggest non nature-related challenges they have seen in many years. 

Environmental concerns, changes in consumer preferences and new regulations seem to be adding an extra level of complication to an already complex sector. 

PULPIT: Nats want climate targets revised

Recently the Climate Change Amendment Act (Zero Carbon) Bill had its first reading in Parliament. 

National voted in favour of this Bill because we support the concept of an independent Climate Change Commission to provide advice on how we wrestle our emissions down over the next few decades.