MEATY MATTERS: Overseas ownership a concern

On A recent trip to Australia I read an article about overseas land holdings on that side of the Tasman that illustrates the dramatic growth in Chinese investment in Australian agricultural land. 

MEATY MATTERS: First chilled shipments to China

According to a press release from SFF the company’s first sea container leaves this week for arrival early next month, claimed by the company to be the first sea freight consignment of chilled product to the Chinese market which has only recently opened up to New Zealand meat exporters. 

Plant based burgers fast becoming a reality

The most imminent threat to red meat is a variation on the artificial protein theme with the development of burgers using a protein called soy leghaemoglobin by genetically modifying yeast and using fermentation.

MEATY MATTERS: Hamilton’s tenure has served SFF well

Dean Hamilton’s resignation from Silver Fern Farms after three years as chief executive didn’t exactly come as a surprise but I sense genuine regret at his decision in chairman Rob Hewett’s announcement.

MEATY MATTERS: Australia gets closer to objective carcase measurement

In March I wrote about Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) plan to seek A$150 million from the Australian government to assist with the introduction of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) objective carcase measurement (OCM) technology to all Australian meat plants. 

MEATY MATTERS: Upheavals prop up beef prices

Rabobank’s second quarter Beef Quarterly paints a positive picture of global demand and prices for the rest of 2017 in spite or more probably because of a series of upheavals and changes affecting the world’s beef trade.

MEATY MATTERS: All sectors show same confidence

The latest Rabobank Rural Confidence Survey shows the highest level of confidence among all agricultural sectors since the survey started in 2003, which is proof of the remarkable success of New Zealand agriculture and commodity prices. 

Fairton closure inevitable, sensible

Wednesday's announcement by Silver Fern Farms of the proposal to close the company’s Fairton plant was in many ways inevitable.

MEATY MATTERS: UK farming looks doomed

Two contrasting publications have each given a pretty damning picture of the state of farming and food production in pre-Brexit UK; and despite the conclusions of the Ferguson Cardo report into the future of British agriculture, it is hard to see how this situation will change for the better without a huge amount of pain on the way.