MEATY MATTERS: Trees attractive but do checks

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand Northland annual showcase field day in April on James Parsons’ steep hill country farm provided a good insight into the benefits and challenges of planting trees.

MEATY MATTERS: Farm industry structures suit us

Fonterra's half year result, while disappointing, underlines the importance of maintaining a solid operating performance and at the same time being cautious with milk price forecasts.

MEATY MATTERS: Free trade trumps protection

It's ironic the same week the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership was signed American President Donald Trump proudly announced new tariffs on steel and aluminium that threaten to undermine the World Trade Organisation’s function as the global regulator of international trade.

MEATY MATTERS: Meat firms need clear purpose

When I heard KPMG’s global agribusiness head Ian Proudfoot on the radio stating the move away from meat to alternative proteins is happening permanently and quickly and meat companies need to wake up,

MEATY MATTERS: Just how much meat do we eat?

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics is a quotation Mark Twain attributed to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. 

Over three weeks a newspaper is doing an investigation into how environmental concerns are putting the heat on meat. 

MEATY MATTERS: The Joy of the A&P Show

On the Saturday of Auckland Anniversary Weekend the 151st Warkworth A&P Show was held, as most years, in hot and sunny conditions, but at least this year there were no strong nor ’easterlies or a major blockage of State Highway 1, apart from the normal holiday weekend traffic queues.

MEATY MATTERS: Changing markets give confidence

The global market for New Zealand’s meat exports and exporters is undergoing quite a rapid change judging by movements in the industry’s latest quota entitlements and market destinations.

MEATY MATTERS: Hard Brexit dire for meat sector

The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV), the body that represents producers, consumers and distributors of meat, has commissioned a report entitled the European Union Meat Industry in a Hard Brexit Scenario – CRISIS.