MEATY MATTERS: Japan a country of contrasts

After three weeks on holiday in Japan I am still reeling from the enormous contrast to any other country I have ever visited. 

When I first went there on business 40 years ago I was getting used to life in New Zealand after migrating from the United Kingdom so probably didn’t register the size of the contrast, apart from the total lack of any street signs in English and the politeness of the people. 

MEATY MATTERS: Multi-pronged approach to strategy

Since announcing its environment strategy in May, the Beef + Lamb New Zealand team responsible for developing the plans, processes and tools to help farmers achieve the ambitious goals of being carbon neutral by 2050 and every farm having an active farm plan by 2021 has been working flat out to get the right farm planning systems in place.

MEATY MATTERS: World not yet falling apart

Much to a lot of people’s surprise the global economy is resisting the dire predictions of many commentators, just as the New Zealand economy continues to perform much better than businesses are prepared to accept.

MEATY MATTERS: Nait still has long way to go

Nait is like a long running soap opera viewers can watch faithfully for a couple of years, go back to after a long absence and find nothing much has changed. 

MEATY MATTERS: Confidence despite headwinds

Since I attended the 2016 Red Meat Sector conference having missed last year’s, several things have changed considerably: two years ago Donald Trump wasn’t United States president, Silver Fern Farms hadn’t concluded its capital-raising with a Chinese investor, alternative proteins and non-meat burgers weren’t on the industry’s radar and there was little recognition of the need for a Red Meat Story.

MEATY MATTERS: Farmer groups must lead change

Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Groups are a key initiative of the $64 million Primary Growth Partnership project jointly funded by farmers via Beef + Lamb New Zealand, six meat processors, two banks and the Government through the Ministry for Primary Industries.

MEATY MATTERS: Meat sector needs good pilot

For all the noise around the threat posed to the red meat industry by alternative proteins it is only one of the challenges the sector has to confront over the next few years.

MEATY MATTERS: Levy rise targets vital work

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is doing a four-week consultation with members as it seeks approval for a modest increase in levies to promote the Red Meat Story through the Taste Pure Nature origin brand, help farmers lift their environmental performance, tell the farmer story and improve its capability to address biosecurity risks.

MEATY MATTERS: Customers demand green farming

Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s environment strategy, launched last month, has the vision for sheep and beef farmers to become world-leading stewards of the natural environment and sustainable communities.

MEATY MATTERS: Taste Pure Nature excites farmers

There is an air of excitement among farmers about the launch of Taste Pure Nature, the result of an exhaustive research and brand design programme by the market development team at Beef + Lamb New Zealand.