MEATY MATTERS: Time for FTA progress

The Brexit agreement and the start of the new year signal the moment has come to get serious with negotiations on two key issues: retention of the EU sheepmeat and beef quotas determined by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the 1986-1994 Uruguay round and separately, free trade agreements (FTAs) with the UK and EU.

MEATY MATTERS: Meat strategy refresh achievable

Meat Industry Association (MIA) chief executive Sirma Karapeeva says the new Red Meat Sector (RMS) Strategy is not radically different from the 2011 version and terms it “a renewal of the vows rather than a new marriage.”

MEATY MATTERS: Markets to remain volatile into new year

The world is about to mark 12 months since covid-19 made its unobtrusive entrance before wreaking massive havoc with everybody’s lives. The first impact on the agricultural sector was the sudden lockdown in China, which derailed Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations, causing disruption to consumer purchasing patterns. This came hard on the tail of a slowdown in January because of speculative buying of cheap product which led to a build-up of inventory.

MEATY MATTERS: Trip south shows country in limbo

Four of us spent the last two weeks of October touring the top half of the South Island with a couple of nights in Wellington at the beginning, and while it was wonderful to be on holiday in a beautiful part of the country, the sheer normality of everything was almost surreal.

MEATY MATTERS: Depressing lack of vision on offer

The agricultural policies on offer at the forthcoming election represent a rather depressing microcosm of the broader suite of policies the electorate will be encouraged to choose from on October 17.

MEATY MATTERS: Decades of dietary advice misguided

For at least the past 40 years, international health guidelines have recommended minimising intake of unsaturated fats contained in red meat, dairy, cocoa and palm oil in a mistaken attempt to improve public health, particularly in first world countries.