MEATY MATTERS: Brexit impact to drag on and on

Any hopes Brexit will be sorted this year are receding further into the distance with every new twist and there’s a strong chance the situation will have changed again by the time you read this.

MEATY MATTERS: Burying heads is not an option

Amid all the debate about agriculture’s responsibility to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets and the appropriate levels for those targets it might seem counterintuitive to claim an equally pressing problem is to earn a licence to operate.

MEATY MATTERS: Choking on cocktail of challenges

In contrast to its positive social agenda to improve the average person’s lot by lifting the minimum wage, increasing teachers’ pay rates and trying to increase home ownership, this Government seems to have gone missing in action with respect to the farming sector.

MEATY MATTERS: Forestry not all Jones hopes

There's an irony about the combination of the Provincial Growth Fund’s Billion Trees programme, sheep and beef land being sold without needing Overseas Investment Office approval for conversion to forestry, the sharp fall in Chinese log prices and Shane Jones ranting about log traders being intoxicated by high prices.

MEATY MATTERS: Anzco confident horror year gone

Anzco's 2018 pretax loss of $38 million was the worst result in the company’s history. 

The exporter has traditionally posted a profit, even in difficult years for the meat industry, which has always had a chequered history, so it is critical to assess what went wrong and, more important, how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

MEATY MATTERS: Two reports for two audiences

ANZ Bank’s Red Meat Benchmarking report and KPMG’s 2019 Agribusiness Agenda were both released during Fieldays week and both addressed the challenges facing the agricultural sector and farmers but that’s just about where the similarities end.

MEATY MATTERS: Flood of dairy-beef unlikely

Meat processors have tried for years to encourage dairy farmers to up their numbers of beef-cross calves and either keep them or sell to rearers at three months.

MEATY MATTERS: Ag is committed to gas targets

The negative reaction to the methane target range in the Climate Change Amendment (Zero Carbon) Bill should not be taken as an indication the rural sector is at all opposed to the purpose of the Bill, nor does it suggest unwillingness to be part of the solution.

MEATY MATTERS: Unforgettable tour of the country

I have just returned home after two weeks touring New Zealand, mostly the South Island, by train and coach and can honestly say it was the most stunningly beautiful trip I have ever made.

MEATY MATTERS: Co-op model not ideal for all

Co-operatives emerged in the 19th century as an important business structure designed to protect the interests of a group of members, based on the principle of equitable distribution of benefits related to use or supply.