FROM THE RIDGE: Trump’s in a league of his own

This column comes with a reader advisory.

If you are in that small minority of impassioned folk who are convinced that President Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened for America and the world, then I suggest you stop reading at this point.

You won’t like this.

FROM THE RIDGE: Five weeks is a long time in politics

If all had gone to plan, we would have had an election at the end of this week.

But the pandemic put paid to the best-laid plans and the election is now still five weeks away as politicians frantically work the hustings.

FROM THE RIDGE: A drought was on the cards

It's the end of August and the rush for me of lambing is abating and docking is about to start, but I’ve been thinking of the drought and the things I did and the things I didn’t do that perhaps I should have.

FROM THE RIDGE: Blast from the past becomes lesson of order

Something other than politics, covid-19 or the state of the world, I believe, is in order – and perhaps desired – this week.

This photo came into my life last week. Or maybe back into it but I’ve never possessed it, seen it, or even thought of it for 40 years.

This tale is about memory, or lack of it, reminiscence, and the order that some folk have in their lives, which I find remarkable.

FROM THE RIDGE: Is Collins a reincarnation of Rob Muldoon

From the Ridge: Thanks Judith for agreeing to have a chat with us. Congratulations on finally securing the top job as leader of the National Party. I had a brief fancy that an unnamed homeless guy who tagged along at the back of caucus ended up being elected.

FROM THE RIDGE: Farmer cred just goes sliding away

We get a steady stream of visitors through here – quite a few from this long running saga I like to call a column, others from my broadcasting activities and the rest just wanting to have a look around the farm.