FROM THE RIDGE: Learning from others’ failures

Thirty-three years ago, in 1988, I went along to the annual Hawke’s Bay (HB) Farm Forester of the Year Field Day.

It was on the property of Tom and Dora Hartree in the Puketapu District, west of Hastings.

FROM THE RIDGE: US political drama is far from over

Is that the last we are going to hear of Donald Trump?

I doubt anyone thinks that.

His impeachment for incitement of the insurrection which saw the mob of his followers storm Congress and lead to five deaths has been so surreal that no script writer could have written anything that bizarre.

He becomes the first president to be impeached twice.

FROM THE RIDGE: Retracing our wheel marks

When I started writing this column 25 years ago, we had two small lads and a third about to make an appearance.

The three of them were under five for a year until they started drifting off to school.

FROM THE RIDGE: Congrats, Mr President-elect

From the Ridge (FTR): President-elect Joe Biden, congratulations on your election win.

Joe Biden (JB): Well, thank you. It was part of a very big team effort, but we are incredibly pleased. It’s great to be talking to you down in New Zealand. I had a great visit there back in 2016 while vice-president and had a good conversation with your Prime Minister just last week. I look forward to a refreshed relationship with your nation.

FROM THE RIDGE: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

I've just been chased in from an evening muster ready for weaning tomorrow by a skiffy southerly, which dropped the temperature several degrees and reminded me to be better prepared next time – and always have something warm on hand. As I was taught.