FROM THE RIDGE: Farmer cred just goes sliding away

We get a steady stream of visitors through here – quite a few from this long running saga I like to call a column, others from my broadcasting activities and the rest just wanting to have a look around the farm.

FROM THE RIDGE: Magic covid cure seems unlikely

Level two, level four, level three, level two and now level one.

We’ve done very well as a nation to get to the position where it looks like we might very well have eradicated this virus from our shores though the future risk of importing it will remain a constant threat and a likelihood.

FROM THE RIDGE: Muller’s call signals a return to the 1980s

Though all the news and happenings in the world that seemed so important before March appear to have completely disappeared, covid-19 and domestic politics have admirably filled the gap. 

If they weren’t happening would our screens just be empty or full of snuffbumble, as the sports news is now?

FROM THE RIDGE: Husband tracker will be handy for the wife

I've been keeping a farm diary since 1983, recording 37 years of toil and the blood, sweat and tears spilled onto the rich Hatuma soils. 

My father kept one from the day we came to this farm on May 1 1963, 20 years before I took over.