PULPIT: Legislate to stop calf deaths

Ngongotaha calf rearer Patricia Hosking has written an open letter to Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor to voice her concerns about the health of calf offered for sale.

MEATY MATTERS: Meat firms can’t blame others

Seven years ago, the last time lamb prices were as high as they have been for the last 12 months, overseas customers suddenly decided enough was enough and turned off the tap, causing a sharp drop in price that reached its low point of less than $4.50 a kilo more than a year later.

OFF THE CUFF: Time to talk about a wool levy

It was the letter I had been expecting but I waited till it arrived to decide if the rumours were true. 

As is often the case in rural circles, speculation about a massive hike in shearing prices nationwide has been circling for most of 2018.

DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: Diversity causes women trouble

In the crusade to both normalise and encourage women as leaders and into our boardrooms many have latched onto the idea that women equal diversity.

As this idea has been promoted there has been a collective sigh of relief based on an assumption it is now a socially comfortable way of advocating for gender equality.

THE BRAIDED TAIL: Co-op’s China Farms a sale target

In the first of a two-part series putting Fonterra’s Chinese farms under scrutiny Keith Woodford describes how Fonterra trapped itself into factory farming. The focus of this issue is on the origins of how Fonterra managed to entangle itself in its loss-making China Farms project.

MEATY MATTERS: Japan a country of contrasts

After three weeks on holiday in Japan I am still reeling from the enormous contrast to any other country I have ever visited. 

When I first went there on business 40 years ago I was getting used to life in New Zealand after migrating from the United Kingdom so probably didn’t register the size of the contrast, apart from the total lack of any street signs in English and the politeness of the people.