ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Tourism gases outdo cattle

I received a ridiculously stupid, contradictory and asinine press release from the Government last week.

It was from Kelvin Davis, who I always thought was rational, and Eugenie Sage, who I’ve never thought was.

THE BRAIDED TRAIL: Zero Carbon Bill just the start

The Zero Carbon Bill introduced to Parliament this week answers some questions but raises many others.

There are big challenges ahead for everyone but particularly for farmers and their leaders. 

OPINION: Fonterra must make us all proud

As you drive from Timaru to Oamaru you will spot two billboards standing tall in a paddock of lush pasture telling the world that here lives a Proud Fonterra Farmer. 

MEATY MATTERS: Unforgettable tour of the country

I have just returned home after two weeks touring New Zealand, mostly the South Island, by train and coach and can honestly say it was the most stunningly beautiful trip I have ever made.

OPINION: Don’t give away provenance value

The past month has been one of reflection as I contemplate the ramifications for the wider industry of the potential sale of Westland Dairy Products to a corporate entity. 

THE BRAIDED TRAIL: Where to for Chiwi agrifood?

China must stay front of mind when considering agrifood developments.

The plan for Chinese Yili to buy Westland Co-operative Dairy has brought renewed discussion about the role of China in New Zealand agrifood industries.