PULPIT: NZ, a great place for agritech

New Zealand agritech start-ups are creating value, powered by technology.

We are at the beginning of a golden age of artificial intelligence and the possibilities of what it and other modern technologies can deliver are still to be seen.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: 5G is a threat to rural internet

The 2019 Rugby World Cup has come and gone with gone being the operative word in New Zealand’s case.

For the record, I haven’t found anyone who begrudges England their victory over the All Blacks. We were totally out played.

MEATY MATTERS: Stars align for red meat sales

The Lamb Company was established nearly 60 years ago in Toronto to represent several New Zealand meat companies in North America, focusing initially on lamb and the Canadian market.

PULPIT: Rooks and magpies good for us

Rooks are disliked by district and regional councils and magpies are often disliked by farmers and country people. 

There appears to be no real reason for this other than that some people have a dislike for exotic species and this dislike has no regard for the very many people who cherish these birds.