THE BRAIDED TRAIL: A1 milk link to asthma, lung issues

New findings published by Nature Research showing A1 milk predisposes people to asthma and lung inflammation should bring the A1 milk issue back into focus for both consumers and dairy farmers.

Until May 15 there was a lack of new scientific evidence about A1 milk for almost a year. The reason it was quiet is because no-one was funding the next studies that needed to be done. However, new evidence has now come forward from India, somewhat out of left field.

PULPIT: Regenerative ag not our brand

New Zealanders have a reputation of being pioneers. 

We discovered NZ, climbed Mount Everest and made the America’s Cup NZ’s Cup in the words of sailing commentator Peter Montgomery. Many ethnicities and waves of immigration have created a can-do attitude and pioneering is our way of life. Observe, modify, improve, develop. 

PULPIT: Too important for lazy labels

The espoused benefits of regenerative agriculture have captured headlines recently. Proponents argue climate, soil health, waterways and food nutrition can all be improved by taking a regenerative approach. 

That’s quite a list for a cure-all.

BLOG: Real effort needed to greet jobseekers

News the Government will pay for jobseekers to retrain in vital industries, including agriculture, is welcome for a farming sector that has struggled to recruit and retain workers in recent years. With covid-19 leaving migrant workers stranded overseas, filling roles across the primary industries has never been harder.

FROM THE RIDGE: Muller’s call signals a return to the 1980s

Though all the news and happenings in the world that seemed so important before March appear to have completely disappeared, covid-19 and domestic politics have admirably filled the gap. 

If they weren’t happening would our screens just be empty or full of snuffbumble, as the sports news is now?

MEATY MATTERS: Anzco achieves huge turnaround

Anzco Foods’ 2019 pre-tax profit was $30.6 million on record sales revenue of $1.7 billion, which, admittedly, represents a margin on sales of less than 2% and a return on assets of 3.74% but it is a huge improvement on the pre-tax loss of $39.1m in 2018.