PULPIT: Plenty on meat body’s plate

The busy pace of 2018 looks set to continue in 2019 with a number of important initiatives in the pipeline and policy issues likely to be decided by Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

PULPIT: Vanguard role scary, exciting

We dairy farmers are used to change. 

We are continually working to keep productivity high while making changes to how we farm that will reduce our environmental footprint. 

FROM THE RIDGE: Tales from The Big Smoke

Like most rural blokes, Auckland is not my destination of choice. Our wives and partners don’t appear to have the same aversion - something to do with the copious retail outlets available.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: The 2018 Em(erson)y Awards

Shakespearian Award for Succinct Prose.

The staff at Otago Feds who wrote that as a result of the Labour Party conference being held in Dunedin ‘there was a notable increase in unwashed, unshaven and shabbily dressed folk in the form of anti-1080 protesters. They really don’t let the facts get in the way of their paranoia. Probably the least informed protesters, aside from those at Trump rallies’.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Farmers let selves down badly

To say 2018 was an interesting year for provincial New Zealand is an understatement.

We’ve been harassed by every nutter in Christendom, we’ve had some political wins and losses and we’ve been hit by disease and the ire of central and local government.

PULPIT: Make farm safety a summer focus

While most New Zealanders are looking forward to the Christmas break there are some jobs where there’s always work to be done like those in hospitals, the emergency services and on farms.

THE VOICE: Farmers have had enough of MPI

The relationship between Primary Industries Ministry Mycoplasma bovis response director Geoff Gwyn and Mid Canterbury farmers is officially over if the rhetoric from farmers and the resulting actions taken to bypass Gwyn and go directly to new Primary Industries director-general Ray Smith following a tough week of talks is anything to go by.