TOWN TALK: Foodie tourism begins at home

While backpacking around Europe over a decade ago I happily spent hours drifting through markets where olives were the size of plums and cured meats hung from big metal hooks above counters.

FROM THE RIDGE: At last, the Australians do us a favour

Today, as I write, is a significant day for trade for this country as the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership is triggered because the required six nations have signed the pact and now there is a 60-day countdown until it comes into force on December 30 – a great Christmas present for many exporters.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Push pause on zero-carbon target

Last week’s Farmers Weekly made sobering reading.

Highly respected rural economist Phil Journeaux told us the Government has the figures wrong over the cost of mitigating global warming.

MEATY MATTERS: Strong progress on origin brand

Red meat origin brand Taste Pure Nature is on track to be launched early next year in California, more specifically in the target cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, with the full support of parties across the industry.

THE VOICE: The right people for the job

Nait was a dog controlled by people who couldn’t whistle so the flock had no direction – the outcome of a poorly implemented animal traceability system that relied on farmers to be 100% compliant with no recourse for those who weren’t.

THE BRAIDED TRAIL: A2 now a global dairy disruptor

A2 dairy products are now mainstreaming on a global platform. In marketing parlance, A2 is becoming an industry disruptor.

A2’s products are characterised by being free of A1 beta-casein. Instead, all of the beta-casein is of the A2 type.

PULPIT: Picking rams made easy

October is the time most sheep farmers start to think of buying their rams to replace those that have passed their use-by date.

The vast majority of these farmers are very loyal to their ram suppliers, with some buying from the same source for decades.

OPINION: Gene editing not our future

Pure Hawke’s Bay members Bruno Chambers, David Cranwell, Phyllis Tichinin and John Bostock are alarmed by the views on gene editing expressed by the Royal Society. The put their heads together to put the case against using the technology.