ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Changes are needed at Landcorp

I've just read the Landcorp, Pamu as they like to be known, annual report. In a word, it is nauseating.

They start by telling us their vision is to be the premium supplier of meat, milk and fibre for niche markets. 

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Our gas effort is just hot air

Two weeks ago I wrote of my initial thoughts on the zero carbon legislation. I have since read the entire Bill and, for the record, the Paris Accord.

Neither is relaxing night time reading.

PULPIT: Targets few so farmers cop it

The recently announced Zero Carbon Bill, which sets greenhouse gas reduction targets for farmers, has made the climate change issue real for New Zealand farmers. 

Farmers were meant to start paying for their greenhouse gas emissions way back in 2011 when we were originally scheduled to enter the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). 

MEATY MATTERS: Ag is committed to gas targets

The negative reaction to the methane target range in the Climate Change Amendment (Zero Carbon) Bill should not be taken as an indication the rural sector is at all opposed to the purpose of the Bill, nor does it suggest unwillingness to be part of the solution.

OFF THE CUFF: Government action smacks of treason

There is an old saying about not biting the hand that feeds you. 

It is loosely translated as meaning it is in your ultimate best interest to take care of those who take care of you.