MEATY MATTERS: Meat strategy refresh achievable

Meat Industry Association (MIA) chief executive Sirma Karapeeva says the new Red Meat Sector (RMS) Strategy is not radically different from the 2011 version and terms it “a renewal of the vows rather than a new marriage.”

PULPIT: Regen ag not just sustainability

Food is important. Along with shelter, it’s the foundation of human needs. This importance was reinforced in 1970, when Norman Borlaug received the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the plant genetic discoveries that spear-headed the Green Revolution.

In his acceptance speech, Borlaug mentioned that the award reflected the committee’s recognition of how food and peace are intertwined.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: And the winners are...

We'll all remember 2020. Lockdown in New Zealand wasn’t that bad and the community was great. As a country we played ball, which certainly paid off. But what impressed me most was the teamwork at the top. 

FROM THE RIDGE: Retracing our wheel marks

When I started writing this column 25 years ago, we had two small lads and a third about to make an appearance.

The three of them were under five for a year until they started drifting off to school.

PULPIT: Don’t sustain, regenerate

It strikes me that the only cheerful farmers I meet these days are the oddballs who have seen the light, and begun to convert their hectares into that questionable concept they call regenerative farming.

BLOG: Time to set a new course

The Prime Minister told delegates at last week’s Primary Industries’ summit that farmers and growers would be key to New Zealand’s recovery from covid-19.