PULPIT: Farming vital, pollution isn’t

Good, robust debate on key issues is important if New Zealand is to continue as a progressive, forward-thinking democracy.

But that sort of high-quality, informed debate can happen only when it is based on facts.

MEATY MATTERS: The signals are clear enough

Every business has to find an appropriate balance between long and short term planning and farming is no exception. 

But, given farmers are very capable of planning and implementing their annual farm strategy, the long term offers the greater challenge. 

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Gains tax okay, rest is piffle

For the record, I don’t have problem with a capital gains tax provided it is broad-based and simple to administer.

By my research 20 countries have a CGT and New Zealand is alone in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in not having one. 

FROM THE RIDGE: Fert tax sets uncomfortable precedent

The recommendations from the Tax Working Group came out a couple of weeks ago.

Possibly the worst kept secret or else unsurprising recommendations were the result. And the resulting furore and objections was equally unsurprising.

PULPIT: What if you can’t agree on compo?

Getting compensation for loss is never as straightforward as you’d like it to be – whether you are dealing with an insurer, a commercial partner or the government the process is always time-consuming and often frustrating.

MEATY MATTERS: High-value exports need assurance

Since its start date of July 1 2017 the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme has generated a high uptake by processors and producers with a significant level of success. 

According to Red Meat Profit Partnership project manager Pat Turton nearly 3000 farms are registered and more than 80% of them have already been audited. 

TOWN TALK: Farm practices need open debate

The first time I drove past the billboard saying Ravensdown and Ballance pollute rivers I did a double-take.

Auckland’s billboards are often standard but every now and then there’s a campaign that grabs people’s attention – last year there was a marriage proposal.