PULPIT: Farmers must face the future

Farmers are facing some of the biggest non nature-related challenges they have seen in many years. 

Environmental concerns, changes in consumer preferences and new regulations seem to be adding an extra level of complication to an already complex sector. 

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Feds conference gets it right

I've been to more Federated Farmers conferences than I care to remember. Somewhere between turgid and torrid would be where I’d put most.

It was, therefore, with some pleasure I went to last week’s event. It was interesting, relevant and entertaining.

MEATY MATTERS: Anzco confident horror year gone

Anzco's 2018 pretax loss of $38 million was the worst result in the company’s history. 

The exporter has traditionally posted a profit, even in difficult years for the meat industry, which has always had a chequered history, so it is critical to assess what went wrong and, more important, how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

PULPIT: Nats want climate targets revised

Recently the Climate Change Amendment Act (Zero Carbon) Bill had its first reading in Parliament. 

National voted in favour of this Bill because we support the concept of an independent Climate Change Commission to provide advice on how we wrestle our emissions down over the next few decades. 

THE BRAIDED TRAIL: Decision time at Westland

The time has come when Westland’s dairy farmers must make their decision.

Do they want to take the money and go with Chinese mega-company Yili, or do they wish to struggle on as a co-operative?

We will know the answer after the July 4 vote.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Farm debt bill a good first step

I was pleased that the Farm Debt Mediation Bill is to proceed through parliament.

It started as a private member’s bill from NZ First agricultural spokesman Mark Patterson and was accepted by the Government supported by agriculture minister Damien O’Connor.