ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Time to start counting spoons

Supreme Award

Federated Farmers. With limited resources it polls members, argues factually, tells people what is really going on and holds politicians to account. In my view it is an effective, relevant and extremely well-led and managed organisation. Beef + Lamb and DairyNZ could learn a lot from them.

MEATY MATTERS: Don’t panic: Price drops a blip

It is difficult to see any real reason for panic over the sudden pre-Christmas reduction in demand for sheep meat and beef from Chinese importers that has led to prices coming off their peak. 

PULPIT: Nature policies an eco disaster

When government policy goes wrong it can deliver disastrous consequences. Such is the case with the Government’s climate change policies.

North Canterbury is a stronghold of agriforestry and there are many benefits to having exotic forestry integrated on farms. 

MEATY MATTERS: Jury still out on Alliance reset

Alliance's 2019 annual report states upfront the company is in the fourth year of its transformation strategy to capture greater market value and maximise operational performance, which has resulted in taking on some extra costs but already shows strong results and improved profitability.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Let’s start a provincial party

Next year is election year.

We’ll all be inundated with the usual messages, basically that one tribe is better than the other, that if we want economic salvation there’s only one tribe that can achieve it. Then, when we get closer to the election, if we don’t vote for a particular tribe our bollocks are going to collectively drop off. 

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Too many fingers in too many holes

The arguments around climate change have me genuinely confused.

I’m not a climate change denier. I accept the world’s climate is changing. Where I have a problem is the approach we are taking.