MEATY MATTERS: Burying heads is not an option

Amid all the debate about agriculture’s responsibility to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets and the appropriate levels for those targets it might seem counterintuitive to claim an equally pressing problem is to earn a licence to operate.

PULPIT: Govt spurs hate-a-farmer mania

When I was on Federated Farmers board a few years ago I did a presentation to the council where I described farmers as being like possums in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Seaweed can help climate change

I've been following the progress of the Zero Carbon Bill through Parliament.

As I’ve written, my problem with the legislation is that it won’t work but it’s also going to cost the country plenty.

FROM THE RIDGE: A cunning plan to pay Spierings

It was in the wind that Fonterra was going to announce some bad news but the scale of what came out last week was shocking.

Dairy farmers have every right to be disappointed and angry with their co-operative.

PULPIT: Food producers vital to NZ

New Zealand has always had poor native biodiversity. 

What a contrast to Africa with 1150 species of mammals, 68 species of snakes, 431 species of birds and 1279 species of freshwater fish. 

MEATY MATTERS: Choking on cocktail of challenges

In contrast to its positive social agenda to improve the average person’s lot by lifting the minimum wage, increasing teachers’ pay rates and trying to increase home ownership, this Government seems to have gone missing in action with respect to the farming sector.