PULPIT: Fonterra’s future up to farmers

The dairy industry is full of commentators who seem expert at expounding their view of what is wrong with the industry but offer very little in the way of constructive opinion on the way forward.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Aussies show love to farmers

We've been in the land of Fosters, ’roos and flies for a couple of weeks now and there are some marked differences between New Zealand and Australia.

For a start, Australians really like their farmers and do what they can to support them.

MEATY MATTERS: World not yet falling apart

Much to a lot of people’s surprise the global economy is resisting the dire predictions of many commentators, just as the New Zealand economy continues to perform much better than businesses are prepared to accept.

FROM THE RIDGE: Councillors fail in leadership tests

The news came through last week about the proposed Waimea Dam being axed – by the region’s own elected representatives.

Eight of Tasman District’s councillors showed a lack of leadership and courage and were more worried about their own future election chances than the long-term future of their district.

PULPIT: ‘We have got farmers’ backs’

The sheep and beef sector is at a crossroads. 

As farmers, we’re facing unprecedented scrutiny over our environmental performance and animal welfare while alternative proteins are likely to become a major competitor for New Zealand’s red meat products over the next three to five years.

PULPIT: We can do fine without GM grass

Hey consumer, it’s up to you if you want to see a change in our farming systems.

I normally keep my head low and decided a long time ago to save my energy for the already converted.

MEATY MATTERS: Nait still has long way to go

Nait is like a long running soap opera viewers can watch faithfully for a couple of years, go back to after a long absence and find nothing much has changed.