ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Group ignores fertiliser facts

Driving out of Auckland I saw a huge billboard with the message: Ravensdown and Ballance pollute rivers.

How can that be, I thought, but then I noted the billboard was put there by Greenpeace and Greenpeace never lets the facts get in the way of its prejudices.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Prosperity needs water storage

I recently attended the launch of the Wairarapa Growth Strategy, which was an impressive example of provincial New Zealand helping itself.

The harsh reality is Wairarapa’s economy is growing faster than either Auckland or Wellington at 3.7%. 

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: The 2018 Em(erson)y Awards

Shakespearian Award for Succinct Prose.

The staff at Otago Feds who wrote that as a result of the Labour Party conference being held in Dunedin ‘there was a notable increase in unwashed, unshaven and shabbily dressed folk in the form of anti-1080 protesters. They really don’t let the facts get in the way of their paranoia. Probably the least informed protesters, aside from those at Trump rallies’.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Farmers let selves down badly

To say 2018 was an interesting year for provincial New Zealand is an understatement.

We’ve been harassed by every nutter in Christendom, we’ve had some political wins and losses and we’ve been hit by disease and the ire of central and local government.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Only rejected candidates can stand

I was a little surprised to receive a condescending and fatuous email from Farmlands on its recent board of directors election.

While I congratulate the successful candidates I found the process nauseating in the extreme.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Push pause on zero-carbon target

Last week’s Farmers Weekly made sobering reading.

Highly respected rural economist Phil Journeaux told us the Government has the figures wrong over the cost of mitigating global warming.