ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Only rejected candidates can stand

I was a little surprised to receive a condescending and fatuous email from Farmlands on its recent board of directors election.

While I congratulate the successful candidates I found the process nauseating in the extreme.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Push pause on zero-carbon target

Last week’s Farmers Weekly made sobering reading.

Highly respected rural economist Phil Journeaux told us the Government has the figures wrong over the cost of mitigating global warming.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Our fertiliser use is ethical

I can remember at school being told of our fantastic scientists who, in the 1950s, solved the affliction known as Bush Sickness.

It was a wasting disease where healthy cattle and sheep lost condition and eventually died a cruel, lingering death.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Feedlots can save the planet

I got a media statement recently from the Animal Law Association. 

It surprised me a little because I know lots of lawyers I’d describe as animals but having their own association?

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Aussies show love to farmers

We've been in the land of Fosters, ’roos and flies for a couple of weeks now and there are some marked differences between New Zealand and Australia.

For a start, Australians really like their farmers and do what they can to support them.