ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Everyone is on the right track

When you read this it will only be a few days before, hopefully, we move downwards from level four.

In our area of the country people have played by the rules. There’s been little traffic on the road and few have needed to drive into Masterton and risk the supermarket.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: No sign of squeaky voice yet

We've had a good week. It’s rained, the grass is growing, the garden is productive and we’ve spoken to heaps of people even though we haven’t physically seen them.

I’ve appreciated the calls from the RSA asking how I am. I’m fine and thanks for the contact.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Government gets covid moves right

It's been a long week.

For a start, we’ve taken isolation seriously and stayed at home as other locals have done.

Everyone has been busy on the phone and we’ve kept in touch. The mail is still arriving, the groceries are all available and all the computers, radios and televisions are working.

We’re living as normal, albeit without any personal contact.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Living in a surreal landscape

What a week it’s been for all of us. 

From watching the development of coronavirus from afar it’s all suddenly become very real, surreal in fact.

From living on what was quite a busy rural road it is now anything but.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Doing the right thing by farmers

On New Year’s Eve no one could have suspected coronavirus or the chaos it would cause.

I wrote a column a month ago saying our agricultural exporters were largely on top of it. It is to their credit they still are though life has been anything but easy.

Over the last fortnight the issue has gone from pedestrian to overdrive and the problems for New Zealand Inc from minor to massive.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Farmers don’t need big, fad study

Let me start by saying I support anything that improves or enhances New Zealand’s reputation when it comes to marketing our meat, dairy and wool.

I think we have a proud record for grass-fed, good animal health and environmental awareness but it can always improve.

It is important is to differentiate fact from fiction, fads from reality.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Virus makes Kiwi roads safer

Coronavirus had an immediate effect in our area – overnight, the chainsaws stopped. 

Timber trucks became a rarity rather than an inevitable and with the removal of speeding, empty timber trucks and supercharged forestry workers crazy to get home the roads became a lot safer.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Get the children playing sport

Last weekend was great. I went to Timaru to see grandson Jack Houstoun play cricket. He was selected in the South Canterbury year seven cricket team and was justly proud of the fact.