ALTERNATIVE VIEW: CCC’s final report lack change

It was interesting to read through the Climate Change Commission’s final report.

I found the document an example of a bureaucratic process trying to please two masters: political and populist. It didn’t spin my wheels and didn’t seem a whole lot different from the original.

Let’s start from the top.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Good luck with the SNAs

I received an interesting statement from Groundswell NZ. As explained in last week’s Farmers Weekly, Groundswell was set up by farmers to oppose unworkable legislation, originally the Essential Freshwater Regulations but they have since moved on.

The current issue is the mapping of Significant National Areas (SNAs) on private land.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: A fairly balanced Budget

I've been covering budgets for a while now and they are, in a word, predictable. Budget 2021 was no exception.

For the record, I believe we have been well-served with our ministers of finance. I rated Sir Michael Cullen highly, Sir Bill English did a good job and Grant Robertson is continuing the momentum, albeit in the shadow of covid-19.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: The issue with water

I spoke to Marlborough Federated Farmers recently, and I appreciated the opportunity to talk to grassroots farmers from another province.

They were a great group to talk to. They were focused on the industry and passionate about farming.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: NZ rejects herd mentality

Last week saw a high-level conference on our relationship with China. It is in my view a special relationship that goes back to the early 1970s, when the then Labour Government invited China to have an embassy here. It was the first in the so-called free world.

That relationship has grown since to the extent we were the first country to have a Free Trade Agreement with China.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Health reform misses the mark

I've been interested in the recent health reform announcements and the reaction to them. Simply, the Government intends to abolish our 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) and replace them with a single health authority.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Bureaucracy at its best

I must confess to being allergic to meaningless bureaucracy.

Here in Masterton we had two old tractors in the playground which were deemed unsafe because they didn’t comply with national safety standards.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: A victory for common sense

My views on the original wintering rules are well known. Basically, the original system, the Essential Freshwater Rules on winter grazing, were unworkable and promulgated by a bureaucracy without any knowledge of rural issues.