ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Why wouldn’t you use wool?

The Vision and Action for New Zealand’s Wool Sector document was released mid-2020. It is a good document. Sadly, since then we’ve had a lot of talk and little action.

Climate report is commendable

I read the recently released Climate Change Commission (CCC) report, and, as you’d expect, there are parts I agree with and parts I’d question. I would, however, suggest that the report is hugely significant in that it is science-based and free of spin. The commission is to be congratulated for that.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Time for Govt to walk the talk

I saw a government statement recently that was, in a word, underwhelming. Parliament had declared a “climate emergency” we were told. I could understand declaring a housing emergency but climate?

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Nothing short of remarkable

I enjoy all sports but rugby and cricket in particular. I played both at a social level well into my 60s. In both cases enthusiasm outdid ability, but I enjoyed every minute. In the case of cricket, failing eyesight meant I was a danger to both myself and everyone else on the paddock, so I gracefully retired. The upside was I became popular as an umpire, which I still enjoy.

ALTERNATIVE VIEW: And the winners are...

We'll all remember 2020. Lockdown in New Zealand wasn’t that bad and the community was great. As a country we played ball, which certainly paid off. But what impressed me most was the teamwork at the top.