Dairy farms should be in profit

Dairy farmers should plan for another season of $6-plus payout and should be able to make money sustainably, MyFarm Rural Investments chief executive Andrew Watters believes.

Wet hits cows, crops, spirits

West Coast dairy farmers who have spent much of summer in their wet weather gear now face a winter feed shortage because less supplements were made and crops were left struggling.

Top farmers make more while polluting less

A new way of measuring dairy farm performance could provide a template for farmers to grow production and profits while cutting their environmental impacts.

Eaters should pay for clean farms

It is a lot tougher and costlier farming in environmentally sensitive areas and those costs should be reflected in what people pay for food, Lake Taupo farmer Mike Barton says.

Buyers not driven by confidence

Farmers are backing off from sheep because of uncertainty about the sector’s future and their buying is not being driven by confidence.

Some are changing the way they use sheep in their farming operations and for many they are now a smaller part of the mix rather than the mainstay.

Farmers Weekly spoke to some of the people at the Temuka ewe fair last week.

Dairy slowdown brings warnings

Farmers could benefit from dairy processors competing for a slice of what was expected to be an almost static pool of milk with predictions the rate of growth in milk supply could halve in coming years.

Winter milk wanted

Fonterra farmers have until the end of March to sign up for winter milk supply at higher payments and more attractive terms.

Tough rules curb dairy expansion

Tougher environmental rules being adopted by regional councils will curb dairy conversions and herd expansion.