Dairy Farmer 04.11.2019

Faith, family and farming

Southland farmers Reza and Silvia Abdul-Jabbar put their faith above everything and answered the call to help after the Christchurch mosque shootings. They talk to Sonita Chandar about their experiences and farming.



Dairy Farmer 03.06.19

On Farm Story: Success in its rawest form

Northland sharemilkers Guy and Jaye Bakewell’s number-eight wire ingenuity is not only helping pay off their dairy cows faster but capitalising on consumers’ growing demand for raw milk.

Dairy, a pig of a job

Hold onto your hats folks, it could be a wild ride in the dairy industry but without all the fun of the fair.

Olympian outruns challenges

A triumph of grit over adversity will be centre stage at this month’s South Island Dairy Event.