Wool future report nearly ready

Farmers are not selling at low prices as they eagerly await the release of the Wool Working Group report expected to set a direction that will lift the wool industry from the doldrums.

Farmers’ cash backs wool co-op

Primary Wool Co-operative shareholders have backed their organisation by providing strong support for its future. 

A bright future for the organisation and the New Zealand wool industry is a step closer, uplifted by the strong support of shareholders in a recent capital raising, chairwoman Janette Osborne said.

That enabled the co-operative to file an improved balance sheet as it emerges from a year of reflection and consolidation on a positive footing.    

Kiwi carpets are going places

Innovative yarn systems showcasing the unique characteristics of New Zealand wool are putting them on planes and into offices, shops and homes around the globe.

LAND CHAMPION: Wool fashions farming’s future

New Zealand Merino chief executive John Brakenridge has seen the future of the primary sector and pioneered many of its elements well in advance of most farmers, their processors and exporters.

Big deal to benefit wool growers

One of the largest single New Zealand wool partnerships of modern times has been signed between the multinational clothing and footwear company VF Corporation and New Zealand Merino.

Spurned wool bales cost heaps

About 900 bales of wool rejected for scouring in one day had a full market value of $600,000,  National Council of Wool Interests chairman John Dawson says.

Wool stains could stop processing

Dye-stained wool unsuitable for scouring could be problem for years because of the high volume being stored, New Zealand Woolscouring chief executive Nigel Hales says.

Spray markers can cripple wool prices

Claims for wool tainted by spray markers and raddle have been settled by New Zealand Woolscouring and it urges farmers to separate tainted fleece in the shearing shed and thrown in the bin.