Woollen mask sales spike

Suppliers of woollen face masks have been slammed with orders as a second wave of covid-19 threatens New Zealand.

Research into using wool for masks

Timely research by Lincoln Agritech is adopting technology to utilise wool in biodegradable protective masks, just as New Zealanders start to accept mask wearing as part of the country’s covid response.

Cavalier to cut synthetics, goes all-wool

Cavalier Corporation has committed itself to all-wool and natural fibres in carpets and rugs to deliver the growing expectations of consumers for sustainable, natural materials.

Plan to revitalise wool sector

Leadership of the strong wool industry is set for a shake-up if recommendations in a long-awaited report on how to revitalise it are acted on.

Use wool petition launched

A petition calling for wool to be used in public buildings and Kiwi Build homes has attracted more than 7300 signatures.

Property sales to finance wool

Plans to sell and lease back its portfolio of properties are part of a range of ways Cavalier is financing its natural fibre strategy, chief executive Paul Alston says.

Wool in demand

Most wool types were up in value at the Napier wool sale on Thursday with just a 1% pass-in rate making for a good solid sale, PGG Wrightson North Island auctioneer Steve Fussell said.

Wool sales to restart

Wool sales are set to resume, albeit with some nervousness as the industry gets back on his feet.

PGG Wrightson wool general manager Grant Edwards said the covid-19 lockdown has necessitated a careful return to auctions.