Wool volumes, prices higher

Sellers had the better of Thursday’s Christchurch wool auction when a large offering of 13,000 bales made good price gains.

That applied especially to full-fleece though second-shear was mixed. Lambs’ wool was in good demand, especially for longer-combing wool, up by 2% to 5%.

A sale of two halves

Lambs' wool and good style second-shear crossbred wool sold strongly at Thursday’s Napier sale but business was slow elsewhere.

It was a struggle to push buyers along for high-colour fleece and oddments, PGG Wrightson’s North Island auctioneer Steve Fussell said. 

Asian buyers spark wool auction sales

Strong demand from Asian markets led to animated buying at the Christchurch wool auction on Thursday.

Crossbred fleece, especially lambs’ wool and the finer end of the adult fleece, benefited.

Momentum builds for lambs’ wool

Bidders jumped into life to give prices a good boost at Thursday’s Christchurch wool sale.

Prices rose across the board, compared to last week’s sale, PGG Wrightson South Island sales manager Dave Burridge said.

Buyers keen on lambs’ wool

Most types of wool improved in price at Thursday’s Napier sale. 

Good colour lambs’ wool was especially sought-after. The 28 to 29-micron lambs’ wool was between 2% and 4% dearer on the day, compared to a week earlier, PGG Wrightson’s North Island auctioneer Steve Fussell said.

Feds vow to back a new wool levy

A compulsory wool levy is likely to be the only saviour for an industry on its death bed, Federated Farmers meat and wool chairman Miles Anderson says.

Wool prices improve

Mid-micron wools and the finer end of the crossbred fleece fetched good prices at Thursday’s Christchurch sale.