Changing wool direction won’t be cheap, easy

Selling bales of wool to the rest of the planet is not going to improve farm gate returns when the problem in the same supply chain is the lack of New Zealand’s ability to manufacture finished product.

Slow start to wool season

Demand for Merino wool has taken a hit but it’s not a dramatic downturn, says New Zealand Merino (NZM) chief executive John Brackenridge.

Fine wool prices, both in NZ and Australia, have struggled since the start of the fine wool selling season last month.

SWAG defends itself amid criticism

The Strong Wool Action Group (SWAG) formed to lead the languishing wool sector out of its doldrums is off to a strong and promising start, says group chair Rob Hewett.

Strong Wool Action Group announced

Almost half of the members of the new Strong Wool Action Group also served on the Wool Industry Project Action Group (PAG) that in July presented Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor with vision for the strong wool industry’s future.

Record low wool prices edge up

A small recovery in crossbred wool prices coupled with good demand for new season’s lambswool is shining a glimmer of light for crossbred wool growers at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

Woollen mask sales spike

Suppliers of woollen face masks have been slammed with orders as a second wave of covid-19 threatens New Zealand.

Research into using wool for masks

Timely research by Lincoln Agritech is adopting technology to utilise wool in biodegradable protective masks, just as New Zealanders start to accept mask wearing as part of the country’s covid response.