Wool snap leads to business venture

An exciting new farm business venture stemming from a post on social media is transforming wool direct from the farm gate into a knitting yarn in an all New Zealand wool story.

More wind in the sails of wool

The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM) has opened the door for new investors in its bid to raise $12.6 million and ensure the company is well capitalised to weather the post-covid storm.

Online wool auctions gain popularity

Independent wool brokers are making the transition to online wool auctions as digital wool trading weaves the way forward for the New Zealand wool industry.

Strong competition lifts wool prices

Increased demand and a seasonal shortage of wool has pushed wool prices up at both the latest North and South Island wool auctions.

Changing wool direction won’t be cheap, easy

Selling bales of wool to the rest of the planet is not going to improve farm gate returns when the problem in the same supply chain is the lack of New Zealand’s ability to manufacture finished product.

Slow start to wool season

Demand for Merino wool has taken a hit but it’s not a dramatic downturn, says New Zealand Merino (NZM) chief executive John Brackenridge.

Fine wool prices, both in NZ and Australia, have struggled since the start of the fine wool selling season last month.

SWAG defends itself amid criticism

The Strong Wool Action Group (SWAG) formed to lead the languishing wool sector out of its doldrums is off to a strong and promising start, says group chair Rob Hewett.