Tenure plans alienate farmers

The Government has been warned it will be in breach of contract with farmers if it tries to wield greater influence over the management of ecological and biodiversity values on Crown pastoral lease properties.

Kill slump props prices

Big volumes of lambs processed in February and early March are now creating gaps in lamb bookings with some chains on the verge of an early winter mode.

Latest kill statistics show the season tracking just 0.7% ahead on volume compared to last year as February and March processing numbers make up for the slow start in November and December, AgriHQ senior analyst Mel Croad said.

Muzzle takes Merino prize

Muzzle Station in the Clarence Valley has won the 2019 Marlborough Merino Association two-tooth ewe flock competition.

Guy and Fiona Redfern with Colin and Tina Nimmo won the overall top prize from nine entrants as well as the conformation section. 

Wool volumes, prices higher

Sellers had the better of Thursday’s Christchurch wool auction when a large offering of 13,000 bales made good price gains.

That applied especially to full-fleece though second-shear was mixed. Lambs’ wool was in good demand, especially for longer-combing wool, up by 2% to 5%.

Meat exports drive records

Record lamb exports in February pushed up overall meat exports to a new monthly high with China, particularly, a bigger buyer.

Lamb exports made $391 million in February, a new record for any month. The previous high of $367m was in May last year, Statistics New Zealand figures show.

A sale of two halves

Lambs' wool and good style second-shear crossbred wool sold strongly at Thursday’s Napier sale but business was slow elsewhere.

It was a struggle to push buyers along for high-colour fleece and oddments, PGG Wrightson’s North Island auctioneer Steve Fussell said. 

High wool volumes help buyers

A big offering of 9200 bales of end-of-season crossbred fleece brought some price resistance to the Christchurch wool auction last Thursday.

Molesworth farming gains support

Most people who responded to a survey on the future of Molesworth Station support continued farming of the property.

The Marlborough property is New Zealand’s largest farm and runs the country’s largest cattle herd, numbering up to 10,000. Its 181,000ha is managed by the Conservation Department (DOC) as a recreational reserve.

We’re doing it wrong

Exporters are sitting on a gold mine but failing to sell their provenance story overseas, British grocery expert Rob Ward says.

They need to cash in on sensory perception and the Love Triangle.