Spurned wool bales cost heaps

About 900 bales of wool rejected for scouring in one day had a full market value of $600,000,  National Council of Wool Interests chairman John Dawson says.

Wool stains could stop processing

Dye-stained wool unsuitable for scouring could be problem for years because of the high volume being stored, New Zealand Woolscouring chief executive Nigel Hales says.

Lamb lack should boost prices

Static or falling lamb numbers in New Zealand will be a barrier to continued growth in the lucrative United States market, The Lamb Company president and chief executive Tony Ruffo says.

Meat industry welcomes RCEP

The meat industry has welcomed the agreement on terms of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Breeders boost eating quality

Breeders are responding to customers’ desires and positioning the sheep farmers for the day when processors start grading meat for its eating qualities. Neal Wallace reports.

Spray markers can cripple wool prices

Claims for wool tainted by spray markers and raddle have been settled by New Zealand Woolscouring and it urges farmers to separate tainted fleece in the shearing shed and thrown in the bin.

Wool marketing gets fillip

Wools of NZ has launched a programme to reeducate consumers on the value and attributes of wool.