Slow start to wool season

Demand for Merino wool has taken a hit but it’s not a dramatic downturn, says New Zealand Merino (NZM) chief executive John Brackenridge.

Fine wool prices, both in NZ and Australia, have struggled since the start of the fine wool selling season last month.

SWAG defends itself amid criticism

The Strong Wool Action Group (SWAG) formed to lead the languishing wool sector out of its doldrums is off to a strong and promising start, says group chair Rob Hewett.

China takes half our meat exports

A 15% rise in the value of beef set a new record for total exports from the meat industry in 2019-20 of $9.4 billion, the latest Meat Industry Association annual report says.

Hunters slam DOC’s tahr plan

If the Department of Conservation (DOC) was hoping to diffuse the tahr culling debate by releasing a new control plan, it has failed.

Meat industry veteran bows out

Lyn Jaffray has seen the best and the worst of times in farming during more than 50 years working in the meat and livestock industries. The China market manager for Silver Fern Farms spoke to Neal Wallace as he prepares for retirement. 

MfE on a ‘different page to farmers’

Altering law before it has become effective is a tragic situation that farmers say could have been avoided if the Government had consulted properly.

Strong Wool Action Group announced

Almost half of the members of the new Strong Wool Action Group also served on the Wool Industry Project Action Group (PAG) that in July presented Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor with vision for the strong wool industry’s future.

PULSE: Crunch time for lamb prices looms

We are nearing crunch time for the lamb prices as export values are heading in the wrong direction and farmgate prices are already around $1/kg below last year.