By the numbers

There are about 15 sheep milkers in Canterbury with an average flock of 200 but fully commercial operation will be much bigger.

Kiwi carpets are going places

Innovative yarn systems showcasing the unique characteristics of New Zealand wool are putting them on planes and into offices, shops and homes around the globe.

Lamb crop falls

New Zealand’s average lambing percentage fell by 2.4% last spring, the Beef + Lamb 2019 lamb crop report says.

Meat blip no crisis

The sudden bout of weakness in the Chinese market at the end of last year was to be expected after a rapid run-up in prices in the previous six months, meat exporters say.

LAND CHAMPION: Wool fashions farming’s future

New Zealand Merino chief executive John Brakenridge has seen the future of the primary sector and pioneered many of its elements well in advance of most farmers, their processors and exporters.

Canadian knocks off world record

Canadian shearer Pauline Bolay has become the first woman from the northern hemisphere to attempt a world shearing record.

Top dollars paid at ram sales

Ram breeders around the country are smiling with prices paid at ram sales over the past few weeks well up on last year.


Experts fear high ewe prices are encouraging farmers to sell breeding stock to processors at such a rate New Zealand exports might in a few years not have enough product.

Breeding value targets methane

Beef + Lamb Genetics has launched a low methane breeding value tool so sheep farmers can breed stock that emit less of the greenhouse gas.