Brexit deal rejection alarms UK sheep farmers

British sheep farmers are facing a huge loss of export markets the National Sheep Association said after a crushing rejection of the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal. 

Positive start for wool sales

The calendar 2019 wool sales season in the South Island started brightly, with indications of business being written in China, and helped by lower volumes.

Polwarths prove their worth

Andrew and Tracy Paterson are fine-wool winners nearly year-after-year at Canterbury’s big annual show, but that’s not their main business there.

Prices send buyers inter-island

There appears to be no shortage of confidence in the sheep market right now with store lamb demand reaching historical highs for this time of the season.

Wool prices show some spark

Lower volumes of wool on offer helped Thursday’s Christchurch auction to a higher close.

Record lambing limits fall

A record high lambing percentage hasn’t prevented a fall in the number of lambs tailed during the latest spring season.

There’s Hope for wool in art show

Dunedin artist Hope Duncan says a wolf-shaped rug made from crossbred wool is the perfect analogy for the state of the carpet fibre industry.

Kiwi genetics boost Scots sheep

New Zealand Suffolk genetics have helped Scottish farmer Donald Macdonald achieve a lambing percentage of more than 170% and a weaning figure of 156% on his highly exposed, wet and windy farm near Thurso in the far north of the country.