Rangiuru cattle and sheep sale 3.12

  • Prime Hereford steers, 640-641kg, made $3.40-$3.41/kg

  • Prime Hereford steers, 560kg, were $3.32/kg

  • Prime Hereford heifers, 586kg, fetched $3.26/kg

  • Three-year Angus bulls, 728kg, earned $3.64/kg

  • Store lambs ranged from $50-$122

Lorneville cattle and sheep 3.12

  • Prime spring lambs traded at $166-$178

  • Heavy ewes improved to $204-$255

  • Top store lambs earned $120-$135

  • Prime steers, 500kg+, strengthened to $3.00-$3.12/kg

  • Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers sold well at $3.03-$3.20/kg

Temuka prime and boner cattle; all sheep 2.12

  • Friesian bulls, 640-668kg, earned $3.24-$3.26/kg

  • Friesian bulls, 504-603kg, fetched $3.08-$3.16/kg

  • Angus-Hereford heifers, 638kg, managed $3.04/kg

  • Store cryptorchid lambs made $110-$139 for most

  • Most mixed-sex lambs traded at $109-$140

Feilding prime cattle and sheep sale 2.12

  • Hereford bulls, 750-790kg, made $3.40-$3.47/kg

  • Friesian cows, run-with Hereford bull and 550-593kg, made $2.49-$2.56/kg

  • Hereford-Friesian heifers, 547-554kg, made $3.00-$3.03/kg

  • Limited numbers of hoggets made $121-$214

Wellsford store cattle sale 2.12

  • Two-year traditional steers, 435-544kg, earned $3.00-$3.05/kg

  • Two-year beef-dairy heifers, 415-458kg, softened to $2.89-$3.00/kg

  • Ten yearling Simmental-cross steers, 311kg, earned $3.34/kg

  • Yearling Hereford-Friesian heifers, 340-343kg, fetched $3.00/kg

  • Yearling Friesian bulls, 343kg, held at $3.06/kg

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 2.12

  • Angus steers, 570-753kg, eased to $3.16-$3.21/kg

  • Angus heifers, 399-550kg, softened to $2.95-$3.10/kg

  • Heavy lambs eased to $163.50-$178

  • Heavy ewe lambs earned $184.50

  • Very-good ewes held at $158.50-$172

Pukekohe cattle 30.11

  • Prime steers improved to $2.94-$3.23/kg

  • Prime heifers lifted to $3.04-$3.17/kg

  • Good steers sold well at $1,035-$1,330; $3.00/kg to $3.39/kg

  • Good 15-month beef-dairy heifers strengthened to $2.85-$3.17/kg

  • Boner cows traded at $1.93/kg to $2.20/kg

Matawhero sheep sale 29.11

  • Big lines of medium to good store lambs achieved $121-$137

  • Prime ewe hoggets generally returned $149-$190

  • The small number of prime ewes sold for $115-$152 

Rangiuru cattle and sheep 29.10

  • Two-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 372-430kg, improved to $3.25-$3.33/kg

  • Two-year Angus heifers, 385kg, were $3.25/kg

  • Prime Angus steers, 533kg, fetched $3.41/kg

  • Prime Limousin cows, 600kg, earned $2.73/kg

  • Prime hoggets fetched $100-$227, with the best spring lambs $191

Feillding sale 29.11

  • Good traditional two-year steers fell to $3.32-$3.39/kg

  • Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers, 295-375kg, eased to $3.10-$3.27/kg

  • Heavier yearling Friesian bulls, 320-450kg, did well enough at $3.14-$3.32/kg

  • Average store lamb dropped to $113

  • Heavy-to-good blackface lambs were $139-$150