Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep sale 11.03

  • Angus and Angus-Hereford cows, 418-521kg, returned $1.79/kg

  • R3 Angus-Simmental heifers, vetted-in-calf, sold for $1000-$1100, $2.28-$2.29/kg

  • Good cryptorchid lambs lifted to $95-$106.50

  • Good ram lambs also lifted to $98.50-$110.50

  • Good ewe lambs lifted to $95.50-$116.50


Kaikohe weaner fair 11.03

  • Autumn-born Simmental-cross, made $2.65-$2.75/kg, $760-$850

  • Younger and lighter weaner heifers fetched $3.20-$3.30/kg, $450-$490

Rongotea cattle sale 11.03

  • Friesian boner cows, 528kg, made $1.36/kg and crossbred cows, 425kg, $1.28/kg

  • R3 Friesian bulls, 425kg, traded at $1.91/kg

  • Autumn-born R2 beef-cross steers, 310kg, fetched $1.65/kg

  • Autumn-born R2 Friesian bulls, 255kg, sold for $1.81/kg

Taranaki cattle and dairy-beef weaner fair 11.03

  • R3 steers mostly sold at $2.47- $2.48/kg, with Angus-cross, 441kg, at $2.59/kg

  • R2 Angus heifers, vetted-in-calf to purebred Angus, fetched $2.55/kg. $1000

  • Weaner, Welsh Black-cross steers, 229kg, traded at $680

  • Weaner dairy-beef bulls, 157kg, made $525

Frankton cattle sale 11.03

  • R3 Murray Grey-cross steers, 428kg, made $2.51/kg

  • R2 steers and heifers were steady at $2.42-$2.44/kg

  • Autumn-born R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 428kg, sold well to fetch $2.52/kg

  • Weaner Speckle Park-cross heifers, 204kg, traded at $585

  • Weaner Hereford-Friesian bulls, 180kg, made $510

Balclutha sheep sale 11.03

  • Heavy prime ewes earned $120-$140, and medium $90-$110

  • Top store lambs fetched $110-$120

Lorneville cattle and sheep sale 10.03

  • Prime heifers, 540kg, traded at $2.25/kg

  • Boner cows, 400-450kg, fetched $1.10-$1.20/kg

  • R2 Hereford-cross heifers, 323kg, made $2.26/kg

  • Heavy local trade rams made $72-$80

  • Good-quality 2-tooths sold for $90-$100,

Rangiuru cattle and sheep sale 10.03

  • Prime Angus-Friesian heifers, 525kg, earned $2.44/kg

  • Boner Friesian cows, 430-510kg, remained steady at $1.21/kg to $1.34/kg

  • Boner crossbred and Jersey cows were typically $1.10-$1.20/kg

  • R2 Murray Grey steers, 388-407kg, made $2.53-$2.54/kg

  • R2 Hereford-Friesian heifers mostly fetched $2.31/kg to $2.56/kg

Canterbury Park prime cattle and all sheep 10.03

  • Medium and long-term store lambs fetched $70-$105

  • Most heavy store lambs earned $106-$121

  • Prime lambs were stable with the majority at $114-$174

  • Prime ewes improved $2-$3 and generally made $97-$177

Wellsford weaner heifer fair 9.03

  • Traditional and exotic heifers averaged 230kg and came back to $645, $2.78-$2.80/kg

  • Beef-dairy heifers averaged 225kg and came back to $670, $2.71/kg

  • Top line of Angus, 281kg, held value at $820

  • Angus & Angus Hereford, 215-291kg, sold for $600-$825, $2.72-$2.84/kg

  • Charolais, 227-257kg, made $645-$705, $2.74-$2.84/kg