Tuakau sales 14,17.1

  • 15-month Hereford-Friesian steers made $3.16-$3.47/kg
  • Angus steers, 360-410kg, reached $3.41/kg
  • Heavy prime steers returned $2.82-$2.83/kg
  • Top ewes sold up to $202

Rongotea cattle sale 16.1

  • Two-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 475-745kg, made $2.75-$2.96/kg
  • Two-year Hereford bulls, 580-775kg, sold up to $2.98/kg
  • Jersey bulls, 400-565kg, made $2.30-$2.43/kg
  • Yearling Angus bulls, 487-522kg, earned $2.99-$3.27/kg
  • Yearling Hereford bulls, 480-535kg, fetched $3.10-$3.81/kg

Balclutha sheep sale 16.1

  • Top store lambs remained steady at $115-$122
  • Heavy prime lambs were steady at $145-$155
  • Heavy prime ewes also sold on a steady market at $140-$160

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep sale 16.1

  • Good blackface ewe lambs made $115.50-$126
  • Very woolly, light-medium Romney wether lambs sold for $105-$113
  • Two-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 326-416kg, made $3.22-$3.41/kg
  • Yearling Friesian bulls, 332-325kg, lifted to $3.19-$3.25/kg
  • Weaner Angus heifers, 238-286kg, made $900-$1065

Taranaki cattle sale and ewe fair 16.1

  • Top Romney two-tooth’s sold for $235
  • Best of the five-year ewes made $190-$191
  • Prime Hereford-Friesian steers, 590-740kg, eased to $2.89/kg
  • Yearling Hereford-cross heifers, 282-333kg, eased to $2.78-$2.84/kg
  • Yearling Friesian bulls, 341-378kg, returned $2.74-$2.79/kg

Frankton prime and store cattle sale 16.1

  • Two-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 507-531kg, lifted to $2.98-$2.90/kg
  • Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers, 269-328kg, were firm at $3.41-$3.55/kg
  • Yearling Angus-cross heifers, 270kg, lifted to $3.11/kg
  • Prime Hereford bulls, 622-775kg, sold well at $2.79-$2.94/kg
  • Prime Angus cows, 607kg, fetched $2.24/kg

Coalgate cattle and sheep sale 16.1

  • Good mixed sex lambs were steady at $112-$121
  • Prime lambs were steady at $122-$149
  • Light to medium ewes firmed to $103-$134
  • Prime beef-Friesian steers, 650-670kg, firmed to $2.86/kg
  • Yearling Friesian bulls, 323-381kg, made $2.52-$2.54/kg

Frankton dairy beef weaner fair 15.1

  • Frankton Dairy Beef Weaner Fair 15.01
  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 111-156kg, lifted to $645-$750
  • Hereford-Friesian heifers earned $430-$510
  • Top quality Angus bulls, 142kg, returned $692
  • Hereford-Friesian bulls, 106-123kg, were steady at $615-$655

Pukekohe cattle sale 12.01

  • Prime heifers sold for $2.67-$2.80/kg

  • Two-year crossbred steers in medium condition made $2.73-$2.76/kg

  • 18-month heifers in medium condition made $2.64-$2.80/kg

  • Good weaner steers sold for $580-$670, and heifers, $530-$645