Frankton dairy-beef weaner fair 14.01

  • Weaner Hereford-Friesian and Simmental-Friesian steers above 150kg made $535-$595

  • Weaner Hereford-Friesian heifers, 234kg, earned $410-$480

Te Kuiti 13.01

  • Yearling bulls mostly earned $2.55/kg to $2.67/kg

  • Heavy prime lambs made $120-$140 with medium $104-$115 and light $88-$97

Kaikohe cattle 13.01

  • Yearling Angus-cross steers made $2.50-$2.60/kg

  • Weaner Angus-cross and Hereford-cross calves traded at $450-$480

  • Angus cows with Angus calves-at-foot sold at $1040 per unit

  • Beef and Friesian boner cows earned $1.60-$1.65/kg

Taranaki cattle 13.01

  • Better 2-year Angus-Friesian steers made $2.60-$2.65/kg

  • Two-year Angus-Friesian heifers, 375-519kg, mostly achieved $2.39-$2.47/kg

  • The top end of the yearling heifers was secured for $2.56-$2.65/kg

Frankton cattle 13.01

  • Yearling dairy-beef steers, 413-489kg, returned $2.40-$2.42/kg

  • Hereford-dairy heifers, 318kg, fetched $2.45/kg

Frankton cattle 12.01

  • Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers, 260-275kg improved to $2.81-$2.87/kg

  • Prime Hereford-Friesian steers, 491-525kg, made $2.48-$2.51/kg

  • Prime beef-dairy heifers, 467-545kg, were consistent at $2.32-$2.34/kg

  • Prime Hereford bulls, 493-540kg, realised $2.72-$2.76/kg

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep 13.01

  • Yearling Angus heifers, 313kg, managed $2.78/kg

  • Two-year Friesian bulls, 546kg, eased to $2.39/kg

  • Weaner Simmental-Friesian heifers, 104-107kg, returned $410-$460

  • Medium-good male lambs traded at $98.50-$110

Canterbury Park prime cattle and all sheep 12.01

  • Charolais steers, 685-770kg, achieved $2.60/kg to $2.73/kg

  • Charolais heifers, 515-705kg, fetched $2.54-$2.58/kg

  • Gelbvieh-cross heifers, 513-600kg, made $2.51-$2.58/kg

  • Hereford cows, 557-624kg, returned $1.95-$1.96/kg, while 492-493kg managed $2.03-$2.10/kg

  • Better lines of prime lambs made $139-$154 with the majority $101-$138