News Maker: Imported pork, kiwifruit automation and high commodities

Flood of imported pork from countries with illegal practices

New Zealand Pork says the Government is letting Kiwis down as the country faces an increasing flood of imported pork products. NZ Pork has long called for clear country of origin labelling on all imported pork, most of which is produced in countries using practices ruled illegal in NZ.

Opinion Maker: Future winter feeding systems

As NZ’s freshwater rules are met with frustration and concern by many farmers, the details of the regulation from sowing dates, pugging depth and grazing history is already having a flow-on effect on future farm systems. 

Opinion Maker: Finding 50,000 workers – what needs to change?

In 2014, the Government estimated the primary sector will need to employ another 50,000 people by 2025. With the labour shortages we are currently experiencing, how broken is our education system to attract and retain the skills we need?

CHANGEMAKER: Smart, sustainable and sassy

This Wednesday we discuss how to turn your irrigation into a smart pivot, Honest Wolf’s journey from handpiece to handbag, and how hops breeding is key to beer and a sustainability-produced New Zealand beef patty.