The answer is in the soil

Regenerative agriculture flies in the face of conventional farming wisdom with soil management the key to profiting from nature, Canterbury cropping farmer Simon Osborne says. Annette Scott visited him onfarm to learn what it’s about.

Variety is the spice of life

It’s tough, rough country but Island Hills Station owners Dan and Mandy Shand are passionate farmers and innovative in their diversification to achieve financial sustainability. Annette Scott caught up with them on their remote North Canterbury high-country property.

Plant a tree, grow a community

Matawai farmers Eugene and Pania King are dedicated to sustainability but it isn’t just about the environment. Luke Chivers reports.

Milk and fires, a tricky combo

A Foxton Beach firefighter successfully combines fighting fires with milking. Samantha Tennent reports. 

Telling farmers’ stories

Every week Ash Robinson packs up his camera, overnight bag and gumboots and leaves his home in Auckland to go On Farm.

It’s his dream job. 

Farming by the numbers

Maori Incorporations in farming represent a new wave of land development and export earnings. Whangara Farms is on the East Coast north of Gisborne, in Whale Rider (Paikea) country and is a successful hapu partnership model for a sustainable future while honouring the place and the past. Hugh Stringleman visited Whangara, courtesy of its board of management.

The sky’s the limit

Intergenerational knowledge has long been a sort of secret ingredient to success in sheep and beef farming in New Zealand. Though that component was vital in the early years of Tom and Sarah Wells farming careers they are also using their passion, drive and determination to forge their own brand of sustainably farmed products. Andrew Stewart reports.

Sheepish by name, not by nature

As a teenager Sophie Barnes decided she wanted to be a very good sheep farmer. Then she heard the best sheep farmers weren’t in her native Britain but on the other side of the world. Undaunted, she sold up, packed up and came to New Zealand. Andrew Stewart charts her journey.

Seeking a place to call home

Making time for family and friends is important to a Waikato farming family. Fritha Tagg reports.