Just getting on and doing it

Farming communities have long been New Zealand’s backbone but there’s a need to look after both them and the next generation coming through central North Island hill country farmer Lis Giesen told Colin Williscroft.

Farmer is game for a challenge

Two-time women’s Rugby World Cup winner Bex Mahoney is these days putting her energy into running a Tararua farming business with her husband Luke but she’s also breaking new ground on the rugby field. There are synergies between the two, as Colin Williscroft reports.

In it for the long haul

The Absolom family farm has the next generation in mind. They want their Hawke’s Bay property to be with their family in at least 100 years so take a long-term approach to everything they do. Colin Williscroft reports.

Askew is living the good life

Most people hanker for the good life one way or another. Lee Askew’s interest in self-sufficiency and small-scale livestock farming was inspired by the 1970s television series of the same name. Her dream has turned into reality on the far side of the world from where she grew up, as Colin Williscroft found.

Facing her fears and challenges

Waikato dairy farmer and Dairy Women’s Network regional leader Chelsea Smith is not afraid to take on new challenges that not only test her both mentally and physically but help in her leadership role. Samantha Tennent reports.

It was all done on a handshake

Stud breeding has enabled the Robertson family from Southland to settle family members onto farms. But Neal Wallace discovers that is only part of the formula for successful farm succession. Being a tight knit, focused and strong family unit also helps.

High standards pay off

While his friends dreamed of glamorous sporting careers Mihaka Beckham dreamed of working the land and being a dairy farmer. Charlie Williamson reports.

Helping farmers tell their stories

There’s an increasing awareness of the need for farmers to tell their stories to help explain to urban New Zealanders the realities of life on the land and the contribution the primary sector makes to the country. Lisa Portas of Palliser Ridge is determined to help get those stories across, as Colin Williscroft found out.

Walking a mile in her gumboots

Matamata farmer Ella Wharmby feels more at home in the back paddocks than shopping in the high street. Farming was not her first choice but fate had different ideas. She tells Cheyenne Nicholson how she found her calling.

Breeding is in the family blood

A six-generation family history in stud breeding and a love of cows bodes well for the farming future of Tararua’s Niamh Barnett. Kate Taylor reports.