Caution urged on Overseer use

A flurry of reports advising caution in the use of Overseer has prompted developers of the technology to convene meetings with local and central government to develop better guidelines on its use.

Honey price tumble hurts producers

Beekeepers are smarting at lower returns on all honey types, including the much touted manuka variety, despite reports it continues to sell strongly in overseas markets.

Getting to kids and teachers

Real-life experience often makes for the best professional development day that school teachers attend, according to their feedback.

FARMSTRONG: Invest in time off farm

Getting off farm regularly is not just good for the farmer, it’s great for the farm. Waikato dairy farmer Marc Gascoigne explains how his ‘downtime’ helps him meet his KPIs.

A new wave of stress relief

The Gisborne farming community is testing the waters this summer and seeing how surfing can be used as a way to let off steam.

Chucks empire lays golden egg

For many in business 1987 was a bad year but for Max Bryant it was the beginning of something special.

Leave the water rules to locals

When water arrived in Maniototo 34 years ago it not only transformed the region’s dryland farms but also Geoff Crutchley’s views on water management.

Farmers’ champion gives up desk

People have kept Kevin Geddes associated with Federated Farmers for 60 years but at 80 he’s decided it’s time to call it a day.