Big response to fire feed call

The response to a call to help fire-ravaged Nelson farmers has been just a little more than overwhelming for the couple of Cantabrians who made it.

New foot and mouth threat to NZ

An emergency all-agriculture meeting to discuss tighter border controls is being considered after Australian authorities seized imported meat containing foot and mouth disease and African swine fever.

Animal groups join for anti-crate case

Animal rights activists are taking their case to court to ensure the Government takes action to remove farrowing crates from the pig industry.

Drones overcome early limits

Five years after drones suddenly came over the farm horizon they have begun to move from the nice novelty option to being another tool that brings the usual uses and limitations of any device. Richard Rennie spoke to Jonathan Kubiak of drone specialist DJI Ferntech about the latest advances and what is still holding them back.

Farm safety still not good enough

Farmers need to accept individual responsibility for the sector’s poor health and safety record, the Agricultural Leaders’ Health and Safety Action Group says.

Stress, anxiety trap farmers

Managing a farm is challenging at the best of times but for West Coast dairy farmer Angela Deans the impact on mental health can be one of the most demanding aspects of the job.

New opportunities for agri-food

Changes being driven by computer scientists in the agri-food sector are providing new opportunities for Kiwi farmers.

The disruption, which is changing what we eat, was the focus of the KPMG farm enterprise specialist Julia Jones’ keynote speech at the Young Farmers Conference.

Students experience agriculture

Kotara Kikuchi, a second-year student at Tono Ryokuho High School, an agricultural school, is on a home stay with three other boys from his school to do farming.

Manuka needs a touch of Scotch

Scotland’s success in protecting its Scotch whisky has lessons for New Zealand’s manuka honey industry. Richard Rennie spoke to Scotch Whisky Association lawyer Lindesay Low who says just putting some collective clout behind a brand can make trespassers back off.

Big wine inventory pushes prices down

Bulk wine prices are falling around the world as the very big 2018 global grape harvest, including New Zealand’s, starts to impact.