Dry in south but wet up north

A mild, dry winter and a good start to spring has set Canterbury farmers up well but there’s concern of a big dry setting in.

Opuha Water chief executive Andrew Mockford said farmers have revelled in the great winter farming conditions but they have not put snow on the hills or water in the lakes and rivers.

Take care with kids and vehicles

MYTH 3: WorkSafe doesn’t want kids on farm vehicles.

My youngest is 25 now but it seems no time since I was stopping the truck so my kids could get out and pick the lambs up. 

Farmers Weekly NZ 10.09.2018

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Tough job to get staff

Labour hungry farmers and primary industry employers face stiff competition for school leavers with regional unemployment below 5%, secondary school teachers are warning.


Quads okay when used properly

MYTH 2: WorkSafe is trying to ban quads 

I wish I had a dollar for every time a farmer has said this to me. 

Making time for being a dad

Like most working dads I feel the demands of trying to juggle work commitments and still make sure I find time and energy for my family.

It’s difficult. 

Long spring after kind winter

After a relatively benign winter farmers might be able to breathe a sigh of relief spring is not looking as ominous as last year’s that left many short on feed, cash and sanity.

Win with Richard Loe

A rugby club or team will get the chance to learn skills from rugby legend Richard Loe as part of a programme to improve health and safety on farms.