Farmers Weekly NZ 12.04.2021

Hitting our target

A 15% reduction in livestock numbers may be the only way to meet tough new methane targets being recommended by the Climate Change Commission as there is no silver bullet yet available.

Farmers Weekly NZ 05.04.2021

Red meat retreat?

This year’s prime lamb production is headed to be the lowest on record, reflecting low farmer confidence, and could result in fewer ewe numbers, Beef + Lamb NZ (B+LNZ) is warning.

Dairy Farmer April 2021

Doing the hard yards

Taking on a farm during a conversion process and turning it into a sustainable and profitable business has taken several years, but hard work and good support have helped them succeed.

Dairy Farmer March 2021

Doing the unimaginable

Despite never having farmed, a Waikato couple who had successful careers in Australia, returned home to milk sheep on the family farm and have had to learn everything from scratch.

Farmers Weekly NZ 22.02.2021

Meat markets evolve

Changing eating patterns as global consumers respond to the covid-19 pandemic is forcing meat exporters to shift their focus to retail markets, which will require more stock supplied out of season.