Sarah's Country | Soil to shelf? But we are stuck in the mud on data

“It’s not a pissing contest.” Those are the words from meat boss Rob Hewett as we discuss the millions of dollars poured into duplicated technology solutions competing for the time of the farmer to enter data into a gazillion different software programmes that don’t talk to each other.

Dairy Farmer 02.03.2020

They just don’t care

Taranaki farmer and 2019 Dairy Woman of the Year Trish Rankin recently attended the annual agribusiness seminar at Harvard Business School in the United States. What she heard was astonishing. What she said shocked them.

Sarah's Country | How do we position our hand in the ‘green’ purse?

The talk-fest about value-add is a waste of time if we don’t understand what the value is we are adding to our high-value consumers. Are we prepared to succumb to their green demands to get our hand into their treasure chest for the future abundance of our economy?

Farmers Weekly NZ 02.03.2020

Ospri admits fault

Northern Hawke’s Bay farmers are frustrated other landowners in the area are not doing enough to control possums, leaving them exposed to a bovine tuberculosis outbreak, which Ospri admits it took its eye off. 


Sarah's Country | We are all in this together

Diamonds are made under extreme pressure and a vast line-up of pressures facing the New Zealand economy and environment might well create gems of innovation but we need to economically and mentally survive until that point - are we in a position to do it?

Farmers Weekly NZ 24.02.2020

Virus bites into jobs

More than 1000 logging contractors, a number industry leaders say could double, have been laid off in recent weeks as the economic impact of China’s battle to contain coronavirus begins to bite.



Farmers Weekly NZ 17.02.2020

Chinese demand still there

Business in China is slowly returning to normal but analysts warn it animal protein consumption is likely to stay subdued for at least another month as it continues to try to control the spread of coronavirus.