Youngsters keep old-timers happy

Transforming a run-down farm into a high performance stock unit was satisfying for Ron Davis and Roger Chittock but their greatest pleasure came from seeing youngsters trained on it go on to successful farming careers.

Official okay to eat hemp seeds

New regulation around hemp seed makes it just another food.

And that is fantastic news for the cropping industry, New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association general manager Thomas Chin says.

No need for El Nino panic, yet

Farmers shouldn’t fret too early about an El Nino knocking back summer growth and laying feed reserves bare with reasonable pasture growth predicted.

Old rules allow irrigation start

Irrigation consents granted for a dairy unit on Simons Pass Station in the Mackenzie Basin would not have been granted had they been considered under rules introduced in 2015.

Win a free trip to Europe

They say travel is the best education so Farmers Weekly is giving one lucky reader the chance to take a closer look at an important and emerging part of the farming world.

Farmers Weekly has teamed up with C R McPhail to launch the Global Trek, a farming tour of central and eastern Europe.

Winner champions farm safety

Young Farmer of the Year 2018 Logan Wallace has always been strongly committed to robust risk management on his farm and to health and safety leadership for the agricultural students he hosts.

What makes Huntaways bark?

Scientists are examining the genetic make-up of Huntaway farm dogs to determine if their propensity to bark loudly and continuously comes from a single gene.

Otago University anatomy scientist Alana Alexander said discovering the barking gene could help people choose suitable dogs as pets, especially in urban settings.

FARMSTRONG: How to manage your busy season

Whether you’re a farmer or a grower at some point in the year your busy season will kick in. 

It’s no different for me as a professional rugby player and right now, I’m in my busy season.