Kiwifruit taste test goes south

Kiwifruit growers will not be paid for their fruit’s taste profile this season after the country’s only testing facility dropped the test.

Eurofins Bay of Plenty is the country’s only testing facility for the drymatter component of kiwifruit, which gives growers and Zespri a direct indication of the fruit’s taste profile.  

Protocols present harvest challenges

As Covid-19 protocols for essential industry staff become clearer, the kiwifruit sector is facing some tough decisions on how realistic they will prove for this year’s harvest to be successful.

Growers have only one day to go for registration as an “essential business”, and all growers and contractors with over five staff will be required to be registered with Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). 

Kiwifruit rests for new standards

Kiwifruit leader Stu Weston has issued a call to arms to anyone wanting to work during the covid-19 lock-down while also keeping safe.

“This has been a shock and awe decision by the Government but it is the right one,” Weston, the Apata chief executive, says.

Lockdown hurts fruit harvest

The kiwifruit sector has been left hundreds of workers short after New Zealand’s unprecedented border shutdowns locked out seasonal workers for good this season.

Kiwifruit Growers chief executive Nikki Johnson confirmed 1300 Recognised Seasonal Employer workers from the Pacific Islands unable to get here. That represents more than half the region’s allocation for RSE staff.

Kiwifruit seeks social licence

The term social licence to operate could be discarded as yet another slick marketing phrase but it is the guardrail that will keep New Zealand’s primary sector front and centre of this country’s continuing economic growth. 

Richard Rennie spoke to Kellogg scholar and Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated communications manager Mike Murphy about his research on social licence and the kiwifruit sector.

Illegal kiwifruit is growing in China

Zespri has fired a warning shot at Kiwi growers over illegal SunGold kiwifruit plots in China and plans to crack down on increasing volumes of the illegally grown fruit being detected in the fast growing market.

Zespri tries to whet US appetite

Research has become a bigger part of Zespri’s marketing mix as it reverts to basics to increase sales in the United States.

Expansion boosts sales, profits

Continuing sales of Northland kiwifruit orchards and income from sales of Australia orchards will reduce Seeka’s debts to more conservative levels, the directors say.

Zespri wants more overseas fruit

Zespri's worldwide sales of kiwifruit grown outside New Zealand jumped nearly 20% in volume last year but is still well short of potential demand.