Small kiwifruit have big taste

Fruit size is providing the headwind to the new kiwifruit season while taste is the tailwind thanks to an exceptional late season ripening period that has left Zespri marketers with a paradigm for foreign markets.

FIELDAYS: Students get kiwifruit insights

The pressing demand for staff in the kiwifruit sector has been most apparent this harvest season with expectations the shortage of picking and pack house workers might be 3000.

Solving the sticky fruit stickers snag

They’re small but stickers on fruit, which are generally made of plastic, have a negative environmental impact. Luke Chivers spoke to three youngsters who want to change that.

New tech boosts pack house output

While much has been made of the prospects for robots harvesting kiwifruit and other orchards, one packing company has invested heavily this season in robotic technology in the pack house. Apata Group chief executive Stuart Weston outlined to Richard Rennie some of the smarts behind the country’s most robotised pack house, and what it heralds for the industry.

FIELDAYS: High-value soils under pressure

Valuing high-quality soils as a resource of national significance is a step closer as the Government considers submissions in coming weeks on a national policy statement to protect them.

Iwi hort gets boost on coast

Iwi and the kiwifruit industry are welcoming the latest tranche of funding from the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund that brings prospects of even greater funding in coming years.

Horticulture’s earnings surge

Vegetable seed exports have helped push the horticultural sector to a record earnings year, lifting total sales by $400 million to top $9.2 billion in the year ended on June 30 last year.

Fund to invest in horticulture

MyFarm has launched a $100 million fund to invest in a group of horticultural enterprises rather than one-at-a-time syndicates for kiwifruit, avocados, hops and pack houses.

Zespri strikes gold in season’s returns

Solid growth in international sales volumes, a faster rise in accompanying fruit revenue and strong fruit licensing income have all helped push Zespri’s gross revenue exceed $3 billion, a first for the kiwifruit marketer.

Hort wants big picture gas policy

Growers’ views on the Government’s greenhouse gas goals are muted but Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says the main issue facing the horticultural sector is emissions from fertiliser use.