Honours reward for hort research

Plant molecular geneticist Dr Sue Gardiner recently received two prestigious accolades recognising her outstanding contribution to global horticultural science. Colin Williscroft reports.

Scales well-positioned for Villa Maria play

Scales has been canvasing agriculture and horticulture investment options for some time and is well-positioned to venture into winemaking if it buys Villa Maria Estates.

Automation a mixed blessing for fruit sector

Burgeoning crop volumes have prompted the horticultural sector to lift pay rates as it competes on a tight labour market. The shortage and the cost increases put automation and robotics under the spotlight to help ease labour pressures. Richard Rennie looks at whether robots will replace humans on orchards sooner than later.

Greece helps fill the kiwifruit gap

Greece is proving to be a surprising contributor to Zespri’s off-season efforts to grow more fruit in the Northern Hemisphere to ensure valuable produce shelf space is maintained in key markets year-round.

Surge in kiwifruit volume expected

As orchardists grapple with staff challenges, kiwifruit marketers are bracing for an onslaught of fruit this season, with a record crop anticipated.

T&G apple sales the envy of others

Apples were rosy for T&G Global in 2020 when operating profit for that company division rose by 56% to $52 million and revenue was up 24% to $875m.

Job appeal boosted by pay rise in kiwifruit sector

Amid a tight job market and limited overseas worker supply, the kiwifruit sector is clamouring for more staff to meet what is anticipated to be a record cropping season for fruit volume.

Lasers target pesky birds

Using lasers to deter birds draws on images of deadly ray guns shooting the flying targets down in a smoking pile of feathers. The reality is somewhat less spectacular, but proving equally effective in Otago this summer. Richard Rennie reports.