Will money really grow on trees?

Farmers have been enjoying strategic planning and business management in their heads but the pressure is on to get that planning onto paper.

Forest becomes more appealing

Tree-planting incentives being offered by the Government will make forestry a more appealing land use option at the cost of food production, Rabobank sustainability analyst Blake Holgate says.

Fears forests will eat farms

Forecasters predict up to another 5.4 million hectares of trees will be needed to offset our carbon emissions so New Zealand’s primary sector and rural landscape will be changed irrevocably. Neal Wallace investigates the merits and implications of such a move.

Farm forestry sets new direction

The next Farm Forestry Association conference in Rotorua on May 16-20 will begin to chart a reformation for new and existing members.

Forest owners want clarity

Forest owners want clarity on what they are expected to deliver for climate change targets.

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton downplays the contribution of forestry in sequestering atmospheric carbon and wants to cut fossil fuel use.

Forests interest on growth curve

Interest in forestry is likely to be heightened in coming months with new environmental legislation that could include changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Jones: No need to reach for regulatory gun

The impact of the Tasman fire on the forestry industry is being counted in millions of dollars and lessons need to be learned, Forestry Minister Shane Jones says.

250m trees to be planted by 2021

A quarter of the billion trees to be planted under Government programmes are expected to be in the ground by 2021 with the planting of 80 million encouraged through joint ventures and grants.

Tree planting plan lacks clarity

The Government’s billion-tree planting programme lacks clarity with ministers delivering conflicting messages, Canterbury University expert Professor Euan Mason says.

Foresters fear carbon auction’s implications

Forest Owners Association president Peter Weir is troubled by Government proposals to use an auction system to allocate extra carbon units under a revised Emissions Trading Scheme.