Foreign investors get land purchase approval

Two foreign-owned forestry companies have been given Government approval to buy land in multiple transactions without requiring approval for each purchase from the Overseas Investment Office.

Foresters keen on single ministry

A combined agriculture-forestry portfolio is one of the forestry industry’s hopes as the Government allocates ministers’ roles in the post-election shuffle.

Election meddling with billion trees’ success

Forest owners are concerned forest plantings under the Government’s One Billion Trees plan risks stalling and becoming politicised as election year debate rises over forest plantings.

Forest tech compromised by timber prices

Options for adding value to timber using biofuel technology have been welcomed as well-intentioned but unattainable unless significant changes are made to the sector’s ability to compete globally.

Low-carbon policy could create job opportunities

A Government commitment to greater use of low-carbon construction has the potential to boost employment and encourage greater processing of the country’s forestry crop, Red Stag Group chief executive Marty Verry says.

Grass likely cause of allergy spike

Concern that clouds of pine pollen seen drifting on the breeze in recent weeks is playing havoc with peoples’ allergies has been questioned by Allergy New Zealand chief executive Mark Dixon.

Some forests to need resource consent

The Government is to require any conversion of highly productive farmland to forestry to get a resource consent, if Labour wins the election.

Timber subsidies erode efforts

While the Government has rolled out the welcome mat to foreign investors with a new wood processing industry prospectus, an industry head maintains trade issues pose the greatest challenge to the sector’s future expansion.