Some forests to need resource consent

The Government is to require any conversion of highly productive farmland to forestry to get a resource consent, if Labour wins the election.

Timber subsidies erode efforts

While the Government has rolled out the welcome mat to foreign investors with a new wood processing industry prospectus, an industry head maintains trade issues pose the greatest challenge to the sector’s future expansion.

Forest owners relieved but unhappy

Forest owners are relieved a Parliamentary select committee has removed some of the sharp edges from the Forests Amendment Bill but still question why it was needed in the first place.

MPs move to prevent forestry price controls

The forestry sector has had a small victory over its minister with Parliament’s environment committee limiting the potential for a new industry regulator to interfere in commercial agreements between growers and log buyers.

Rule hamper forests growth

New rules could curb the forestry sector’s ability to create jobs, Forest Owners Association chairman Phil Taylor says.

Log rules might tighten exports

The spectre of Government intervention has spooked forest owners worried about a proposal to regulate and certify log exporters.

Think-local push from minister

There is no likelihood the forestry sector will be operating under a quota system for log exports but the sector can expect greater Government oversight on who is exporting logs and what priority is being given to local processors. 

Time squeeze on forest planting

After bearing the brunt of a price slump last year on-going drought and the covid-19 lockdown foresters are gearing up  for work under level three conditions and see a stressful planting season ahead.

Forest Protection Services managing director Kevin Ihaka, in Northland, said with level three enabling operators to get back to the business of felling and planting, the greatest challenge facing many is a lack of time to get new trees in the ground.