Rates rise targets plantation forestry

Forest owners in the Wairoa district are unhappy at a recent targeted rates increase they believe is unfair, but other councils around the country have either already adopted or are considering similar moves.

Gov’t pushes on with tree limits

The Government has signalled it intends to push ahead with its aim to enable councils to limit the area that can be placed in trees in some parts of the country.

Wall of wood threatens local processors

New Zealand needs to get ahead of a wall of subsidised wood products heading this way as overseas players shore up their processing industries in response to the covid-19 pandemic, local manufacturers say.

Forestry picks up cadets with covid support

After picking up an additional 250 staff through covid work initiatives, the forestry sector is feeling positive about its harvest and planting capacity over coming months.

Foreign investors get land purchase approval

Two foreign-owned forestry companies have been given Government approval to buy land in multiple transactions without requiring approval for each purchase from the Overseas Investment Office.

Foresters keen on single ministry

A combined agriculture-forestry portfolio is one of the forestry industry’s hopes as the Government allocates ministers’ roles in the post-election shuffle.

Election meddling with billion trees’ success

Forest owners are concerned forest plantings under the Government’s One Billion Trees plan risks stalling and becoming politicised as election year debate rises over forest plantings.