Depending on who you talk to the impact on British agriculture of leaving the European Union is either going to be catastrophic or open up a whole new world of opportunity for farmers free from the confines of European red tape.

Milk price still going up

Things are looking good in the immediate future though haze still surrounds what’s on the horizon.

Why DIRA needs to change

Changes to the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act are needed to help New Zealand achieve its vision for the future of the industry Fonterra chairman John Monaghan says.

Waterway leaching targets opposed

Dairy industry leaders strongly oppose dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus restrictions in the Government’s healthy waterways plan.

Producers challenge synthetic promises

Despite the attention on synthetic dairy products the New Zealand dairy industry remains confident the traditional source of milk will remain a preference for the world’s consumers.

Perfect Day non-dairy big cheese

In 2014 the United States company Perfect Day was formed when its founder Ryan Pandya quit his lab job creating proteins genetically identical to animal proteins to partner with a fellow vegan biologist.

Freshwater rules to hit dairy hard

Economic modelling commissioned by DairyNZ shows the Government’s essential freshwater package will cost the country $6 billion a year by 2050.

Synthetic dairy no big worry

Fonterra dipped a toe into synthetic dairy technology by investing in United States company Motif but marketing executives are not shaking in their suits yet about the technology eclipsing traditional dairying.

Processors shoot holes in DIRA

Dairy processors have made strongly worded submissions to the Primary Production Select Committee about the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act.