An exciting future

Special agricultural trade envoy Mike Petersen says New Zealand leads the field in many areas but cannot rest on its laurels.

Carbon-neutral dairy a reality

Research by scientists indicates dairy farming can be carbon neutral and that might even result in higher profits. Richard Rennie spoke to senior AgResearch scientist Gina Lucci on the encouraging results indicating higher profits and lower emissions do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Fewer cows, more milk

Record milk production gave dairy companies 1.88 billion kilograms of milksolids to process last season, up 2.4% on the season before.

Synlait to optimise investment

Synlait Milk has topped $1 billion revenue for the first time and plans to double the figure within five years.

Close watch kept on dairy loans

A significant share of dairy loans are being closely monitored by banks despite above-average commodity prices and reasonable profitability across the sector, the Reserve Bank says in its latest financial stability report.

Big dairy assessment starts

About 50,000 dairy cows are being rigorously assessed this season to help shape genetic data.

Fonterra farmers lock in over $7

Nearly 1000 Fonterra farmers have fixed the price of some of this season’s milk production at values up to the most recent $7.28/kg milksolids net.

Milk price climbs high

A farmgate milk price of $7.50/kg milksolids with upside potential nearer $8 has been forecast following the latest positive Global Dairy Trade auction results.

Fonterra watchdog checks itself

Fourth-generation Waikato dairy farmer James Barron has been elected to one of the most difficult jobs in the dairy industry, that of chairman of the Fonterra Shareholders’ Council. His approach to the role and priority list were outlined to Hugh Stringleman.