Farmers react to Fonterra AGM

Fonterra shareholders showed when voting for directors that actions speak louder than words, Waipu, Northland, dairy farmer Stuart Abercrombie says.

Council ruminating on re-run rules

The Fonterra Shareholders’ Council is working on the rules for the next election to fill the vacancy on the board that resulted from the incomplete 2018 director election.

Council chairman Duncan Coull said there is a range of scenarios and potentially the second election will not be held until early next year.

Beech remit left stranded

Fonterra is discussing flexibility in the share structure to better suit young farmers and to help with farm succession, director Brent Goldsack told the annual meeting.

“We have held over 100 small meetings with shareholders to understand what they want and hear their suggestions,” he said.

Fonterra too helpful to councils

The ever-increasing compliance load on dairy farmers was forcibly questioned at the Fonterra annual meeting by Cambridge dairy farmer Judy Bryan.

She alleged Fonterra accepts and facilitates regional councils’ demands for environmental actions that load costs on farmers.

Death of disease still the aim

The Mycoplasma bovis response is focused squarely on phased eradication despite rumours to the contrary, Primary Industries Ministry M bovis response director Geoff Gwyn says.

NZ farms can produce more milk

Irish and New Zealand dairy farmer Michael Murphy says both countries have plenty of opportunities to grow more pasture, produce more milk and capture greater profits.

Westland back to normal quickly

What looked like being a few days of disruption for Westland Milk in the wake of the deluge that flooded the South Island’s West Coast has sprung a pleasant surprise.

Rare opportunity for Fonterra

Fonterra has a rare opportunity to shed assets that aren’t performing, write down others to attract investment partners and become a company more focused on value than volume, First New Zealand Capital institutional research head Ari Dekker says.

BLOG: Fonterra heads are listening

The Fonterra Shareholders’ Council cops it fairly regularly for acting more like a sheep than a bull when it comes to holding the big co-operative to account.

Well, the council has thrown down the fleece with its latest report on the Fonterra’s financial performance.