Where Fonterra’s earnings went

Over $500 million of gains on sale for divested Fonterra businesses were backed out of the 2020 earnings before the new dividend policy was applied, chief financial officer Marc Rivers says.

New capital structure needed

Fonterra's recovery is under way, but its new strategy is still in the formative stages and more details are required to bring confidence, Jarden’s head of research Arie Dekker says.

Ezicalve a ‘winning formula’

The idea of running Hereford bulls over dairy heifers can send shivers down spines. The vision of heifers struggling to push the beefy calves out is enough to put many off.

Dairy farmer invests in Belgian Blue

A Canterbury farmer is no longer feeling blue about calving as she now uses a beef breed that is easier all round. Anne Boswell reports.

Tough season for calf rearers

Increasing on-farm costs, along with an indifferent market is squeezing the margins for calf rearers this season.

Award-winning MagGrow hits the mark

Up to 70% of pesticides miss their target but an Irish company has come up with an innovation to change that, solving the compromise between drift and coverage associated with conventional spraying.

Fonterra’s looking good

Fonterra made a welcome return to profitability in the 2020 financial year, despite the global disruption of covid-19 and the directors were able to make a modest 5c a share dividend.

Fonterra examines co-op structure

The review of Fonterra’s capital structure is a priority now that the co-operative’s vital signs have stabilised and profitability has returned.

Market bids up milk powders

Milk powders led the way to a 3.6% increase in the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) price index, the first market lift in more than two months.

Fonterra back in the black

Fonterra has posted a $659 million profit and will pay farmers $7.19/kg milksolids for the 2019-20 season.