EU poses threat to NZ cheese

With the fourth round of negotiations for a European Union-New Zealand free trade agreement under way in Wellington cheese makers are warning European proposals to protect names of many common foodstuffs might stifle local investment and innovation in cheese making and limit choices for Kiwi consumers.

Spray ups yield, cuts emissions

A unique pasture spray might hold the key to reducing on-farm environmental impacts while increasing production.

FAST FIVE: Simon Kermode

The Dairy Farmer team is always out and about looking for dairy industry workers going about their business. Keep an eye out, you just never know when one of our team might tap you on the shoulder. This month we catch up with Simon Kermode who manages a 1000-cow farm at Dunsandel.

Fonterra cuts this season’s milk price

Fonterra's third quarter update shows things are looking up but it’s leaders have shied away from giving any firm outlook on next season, setting a farmgate milk price range of $6.25-$7.25 a kilo of milksolids.

GDT dips slightly

The global dairy index dropped for the first time after a record 11 consecutive increases. 

Agrigate includes new targets

Protocols and pathways for sharing individual farm data with authorised people who need to know has been a priority for internet platform Agrigate in the two years since its launch.

Canola oil fuels big machines

Researchers at John Deere in Germany have shown straight canola oil can perform as well as diesel to power big machines, burning cleaner and with lower environmental risk.

Staff retention – first impressions matter

There's no denying it can be a challenge at times to find the right people to work on farms. 

But finding skilled people who are passionate about dairy is only half the battle. Once we find them we need to do our best to keep them. 

Still going strong

Shorthorns, thought to be the oldest breed in New Zealand, were introduced to provide milk and meat and pull bullock teams.

The red, white and roan animals that originated in England were a familiar sight in the countryside. From the milking strains introduced, the Milking Shorthorn breed was established and the NZ Milking Shorthorn Association was founded in 1913.

Dairy can protect water gain

Water carried Graeme Sutton’s forebears to a life of freedom in New Zealand and it keeps doing the same for them on land. Tim Fulton reports.