Fonterra leaves impression

An internship at Fonterra proved to be just as valuable to Massey University science student Victoria-Jayne Reid as it was to the dairy co-operative with the development of a new testing regime.

Flux tower to measure gases

Standing a modest two metres tall, a flux tower in Central Otago is set to give insights on greenhouse gas movements from an area as small as a single paddock.

Farmers’ green tinge growing

Farmers are on a green binge recycling more waste and unwanted products through the Agrecovery scheme than ever before.

Innovation for the future

When the call of the land became too strong Mat Hocken answered by swapping his business suit for overalls and gumboots to champion the agricultural sector and agricultural innovation. Samantha Tennent reports.

Processed cheeses drive casein prices

Increased demand for processed cheese in competition with natural cheese has driven rennet casein powder prices to record levels.

Dairy prices still rising

International dairy prices had a welcome lift at the first Global Dairy Trade auction of the new year, recovering half the losses recorded during the two December auctions.

Dairy resists global protection

The European Union wants New Zealand to give it exclusive rights to 2200 product names including 58 cheese names and styles.

Infernos devastate dairy farms

The devastating fires raging through rural New South Wales and Victoria might be the final straw for many dairy farmers already crushed by three years of relentless drought.