BLOG: Let’s hope new fund continues the success

An independent review of the Primary Growth Partnership has vindicated the controversial programme, finding it has added great value to the primary sector and will continue to do so.

Homegrown talent on the front bench

Fonterra's new interim chief executive Miles Hurrell has jumped into his new role with enthusiasm and the best wishes of farmer-shareholders. Many dairy farmers have met him as chief operating officer of Farm Source, the largely successful rebranding and redevelopment of RD1 over the past four years.

BLOG: Life lessons from a damaged farm

Farming's a tough enough job at the best of times. When your farm’s ripped apart by a major earthquake, well, that would be enough to make many contemplate a life of traffic jams and air-conditioned offices. 

BLOG: Dimiss reports as irrelevant

It would be easy to label as largely irrelevant two academic reports questioning the environmental and health impacts of red meat production and diets. And as far as those reports relate to New Zealand’s pasture-based system, they are.

BLOG: Mutual aid helps us survive winter

A mate of mine posted a picture on Instagram last night of the first three calves born on her dairy farm. For her, and for countless other dairy farmers around New Zealand, it has begun.

BLOG: GMO grass poses a sticky question

The discussion about reducing agriculture’s environmental impact is about to get very interesting. For years agriculture has been told to reduce methane and nitrogen emissions and now it appears AgResearch has found an answer, one that poses a moral dilemma for some.

BLOG: Like buying back the family farm

Ownership of Farmers Weekly is now with GlobalHQ, in Feilding. We couldn’t let the opportunity pass. It’s like buying back the family farm.

BLOG: Don’t back those who let us down

Mainstream media was filled again last week with images of a farmer mistreating his animals, after footage was shot and released by animal rights group Farmwatch.

BLOG: Farmers won’t be cowed by M bovis

Lost in the Mycoplasma bovis debate over the degree of compliance with animal traceability and what farmers have or have not been told by the Ministry for Primary Industries has been the ability of farmers to adjust to meet the challenges of this game-changing disease.