BLOG: Fonterra’s focus on people not powder

The wall of milk has passed and Fonterra is looking to surf a smaller wave to prosperity. Building on its strategy renewal announced earlier this year attendees at last week’s annual meeting in Invercargill heard less talk of volume and products and more about people and the environment.

BLOG: DairyNZ’s doom just won’t happen

DairyNZ’s report on how the Essential Freshwater legislation will affect dairy farmers makes for pretty sobering reading. The independent research puts the price tag at more than $6 billion a year to the nation’s economy by 2050.

BLOG: Now we’re all in this together

When primary industry leaders tabled a report offering an alternative to the Government’s plan to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions I don’t think many though it would stay on the table for long. But in a world-first move, according to the Government, that report didn’t go in the bin but was instead framed and put on the wall. He Waka Eke Noa – the Primary Sector Climate Change Commitment is now the Government’s preferred policy.

BLOG: Get going on green farming

Farming organisations loudly proclaiming proposed Government regulations on greenhouse gases will cripple them might want to have a yarn with Mike Petersen.

BLOG: US trade deal has big teeth

Enthusiasm from a United States president about a free-trade deal with New Zealand would ordinarily be a cause for celebration.

BLOG: The human cost can’t be ignored

This week we begin a series of stories about all the pressures farmers are under. We are devoting a lot of resources and space to this subject because it is the most important thing happening in the rural sector.

BLOG: Water policy gives farm opportunites

The newly announced Action for Healthy Waterways discussion document has admirable goals but questionable methods. We’ve all been working towards better quality waterways and most can agree the progress in some areas hasn’t been fast enough.

BLOG: Time to get on with GE debate

There are growing calls for another look at genetic modification. With gene editing now a reality some say our laws banning GM are outdated and these new technologies could help us better achieve our environmental goals in terms of water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

BLOG: Farm debt nags at nervous banks

Among many worries and uncertainties keeping farmers awake at night is the tougher line being taken by banks. Nothing gnaws at the intestines like money worries when your debts have seven figures and the land, the livestock, the family and the future depend on you.