BLOG: Save the world but destroy the nation

“It became necessary to the destroy the town to save it,” was how an unnamed American army officer described the 1968 obliteration of the city of Ben Tre by bombing during the Vietnam War.

BLOG: Is low carbon a pipe dream?

Despite its faults one thing New Zealand’s pastoral sector cannot be criticised for in recent years is the way farmers have acknowledged the role they have to play in cleaning up our waterways.

BLOG: Primary production still drives economy

The primary sector is New Zealand’s economic gift that keeps on giving. Recent data underlines the economy’s continued reliance on farmers and growers, reinforcing the high threshold a new industry would have to meet to replace this economic powerhouse.

BLOG: Election is about more than ability

Fonterra farmers are faced with a choice of five candidates for the three available directors’ jobs. Three are endorsed by the co-op’s formal selection process and two are standing independently.

BLOG: Fonterra has to restore belief

Fonterra's first loss in its 17-year history was well signalled but will still be a shock to farmers.

New Zealand’s biggest company is living with the reality of bad investments and a series of wrong turns.

BLOG: Bosses need more modern attitudes

The farm has traditionally been a pretty enticing workplace for many young people. The chance to work outdoors, often in stunning scenery, and use practical, problem-solving and physical skills can be just the ticket after five years of text book frustration at high school.

BLOG: C’mon farmers, take the hint

The real message was much deeper than yet another campaigning story series by Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint presenter John Campbell.

BLOG: Let’s hope new fund continues the success

An independent review of the Primary Growth Partnership has vindicated the controversial programme, finding it has added great value to the primary sector and will continue to do so.

Homegrown talent on the front bench

Fonterra's new interim chief executive Miles Hurrell has jumped into his new role with enthusiasm and the best wishes of farmer-shareholders. Many dairy farmers have met him as chief operating officer of Farm Source, the largely successful rebranding and redevelopment of RD1 over the past four years.

BLOG: Life lessons from a damaged farm

Farming's a tough enough job at the best of times. When your farm’s ripped apart by a major earthquake, well, that would be enough to make many contemplate a life of traffic jams and air-conditioned offices.