My Daily Digest: April 12, 2021

Collaboration reaps great rewards

At the recent New Zealander of the Year awards, Shannon Te Huia was named local hero.

He’s spent six years working to improve the water quality in the Pūniu River, near Te Awamutu.

The project has obviously been a great success and Te Huia puts it down to being a community-led initiative.

My Daily Digest: April 9, 2021

Opportunity to tackle common goals

A leading Irish academic reckons New Zealand should work more closely with his country to tackle the challenge of reducing emissions on-farm.

My Daily Digest: April 8, 2021

The best time to plant a tree is now


It appears everyone’s looking to plant a tree or two right now.

The only trouble is, nurseries have pretty much run out of pine seedlings.

Anyone who hasn’t ordered theirs for the winter appears to have missed the boat.

My Daily Digest: April 7, 2021

Expect to fork out more for fertiliser

Running a business is easy. All you have to do is spend less than you make.

The trouble is, business owners often don’t have much control over their essential costs.

My Daily Digest: April 6, 2021

Counting gains despite the loss

It’s been just over a year since New Zealand went into Level 4 lockdown, but we’re now pretty close to welcoming overseas visitors back.

My Daily Digest: April 1, 2021

B+LNZ report not all doom and gloom

Despite some big winter lamb contracts being offered at the moment, sheep and beef farmer confidence is down, according to Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s mid-season report.

My Daily Digest: March 31, 2021

Chasing climate targets

Submissions on the Climate Change Commission’s plan to decarbonise the economy are rolling in, with Fonterra pledging to end coal and gas use in processing by 2037.

My Daily Digest: March 30, 2021

Synlait hopes to break even in covid-hit market

Synlait’s second-half downgrade shows just how reliant it and its customer a2 Milk are on the daigou channel for its sales into China.

My Daily Digest: March 29, 2021

Supply chain crisis is food for thought

In our complex world of trade, tariffs and supply chains, it’s a bit disconcerting to be reminded that all of it is contingent on two tiny tracts of water.

My Daily Digest: March 26, 2021

Tree planting for profit, sustainability’s a balancing act

Judging by the numbers turning up to on-farm field days recently, farmers are increasingly interested in how trees can provide an option for them both in terms of income and sustainability.