Our farming not yet where it needs to be

Primary Industry Council chairman Lain Jager has challenged farmers to think about their future and decide what sort of food producers they want to be in the next 30 years.

Others move on protein protection

The United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Union have tightened controls on what food products can use terms traditionally associated with meat and dairy but the New Zealand sectors are yet to move.

Plants must complement meat in diets

Dietary guidelines have always stressed three-quarters of food intake should be derived from plants, Beef + Lamb New Zealand nutrition head Fiona Greig says.

Consistent performer helps others

The Cookson family are at the true heart of Northland’s beef finishing industry beside State Highway 1 at Kawakawa and consistently producing carcaseweight yield and financial results well above the provincial average. Their pursuit of knowledge from hosting trials and research projects energises the Cooksons and draws hundreds of farmers to their field days. Hugh Stringleman went along.

Report damns pastoral red meat

New Zealand’s grass-fed, red meat system has been damned in an academic report calling for steps to reduce the consumption of meat because of health concerns and the impact of its production on the environment.

Farmers must get in behind

Farmers need to get behind the Red Meat Profit Partnership’s Action Network so they can drive the benefits of the $64 million Primary Growth Partnership behind the farm gate.

Levy rise okay likely

After hearing from farmers Beef + Lamb New Zealand intends taking a month before deciding on increases in the sheep and cattle levies to raise a further $4 million annually.

The consultation with farmers finished on Friday.

New beef wins global honours

Alliance's new premium beef product has won international honours with gold and bronze awards in the World Steak Challenge.

Lamb and beef export prospects are still good

Export lamb returns are at good, sustainable levels and processors might struggle to get more from the market from here on, Rabobank animal proteins analyst Blake Holgate says.