Wagyu study stirs up academics

An academic stoush is brewing over research from Liggins Institute indicating middle-aged men can confidently eat Wagyu beef three times a week without damaging their health.

Hereford world comes to NZ

The World Hereford conference will be held in Queenstown in March, the first time in 30 years it has been held in New Zealand.

Action groups motivate farmers

Working together to gain access to high-level agriculture and business expertise is already leading to efficiency gains for a group of Hawke’s Bay farmers, rural consultant Sean Bennett says.

Red meat research challenged

Leading nutritional researchers have raised serious concerns about a study claiming few health benefits exist in reducing red and processed meat consumption.

Meat prices to go higher

Sheep meat and beef exports are forecast to each exceed $4 billion this season, just two years after passing $3b for the first time.

Alliance is aiming for the top

Alliance has signalled a more aggressive stance on moving up the value chain and a nationwide footprint, including possible North Island expansion.

Reform plans created in silos

Environmental changes farmers are being forced to deal with were developed separately rather than in conjunction, Beef + Lamb environmental policy leader Corina Jordan says.

Under-siege farmers must engage

Sheep and beef farmers are under pressure on several regulatory fronts but still need to engage in the process, South Canterbury farming leader Mark Adams says.