Aussie export venture planned

A west Australian livestock shipping magnate now living in Queenstown is plotting to re-enter the Australian trade with newly designed liquefied natural gas-powered ships.

Case puts big bill on industry

Meat companies face potentially multi-million-dollar costs correcting six years of not paying workers for the time taken to put on and remove clothing required for safety and hygiene.

MPI: Shock move just bad timing

A large number of cattle removed from a Temuka cattle sale are not deemed a risk to other cattle penned there the same day, Mycoplasma bovis programme director Geoff Gwyn says.

Meat plants are likely to close

The viability of some meat processing plants is being jeopardised by the Government’s freshwater proposals, Meat Industry Association chief executive Tim Ritchie says.

Alliance beefs up its quota share

The latest United States beef and veal quota allocations show Alliance is on its way to being a genuine beef player, chairman Murray Taggart says.

B+LNZ takes on Action Network

The Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network has moved Beef + Lamb control before the Primary Growth Partnership programme ends in September.

Chilled meat stays on to-do list

New Zealand’s market commitment and supply of beef and lamb to China is highly regarded there but that does not mean an early expansion to the access for chilled products.

Report identifies key red meat trends

Some of the recommendations in a new report on the future of the red meat sector are already being acted on, Beef + Lamb NZ global market intelligence and research manager Hugh Good says.

Price surge a surprise

Beef prices are in unknown territory and meat exporters are pondering their next moves as their cattle suppliers are keen to count the cash.