Storm has little impact on crops

Cropping farmers escaped largely unscathed from a southerly storm that hammered Canterbury last Wednesday but watching it for an hour wasn’t pleasant, Federated Farmers arable vice-president Brian Leadley says.

Breeders want more protection

Stronger legislation is needed for New Zealand plant breeders to stay on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

Velvetleaf risk is elevated in maize

More than two years since it was discovered in Waikato velvetleaf has spread further and maize contractors are being targeted to try to slow the spread of the insidious weed.

Hemp deal to spin green yarn

A new strategic partnership between New Zealand Yarn and Hemp NZ is set to be the catalyst for market-leading hemp fibre processing.

Farmers advised to learn from Aussies

New Zealand has a lot less herbicide resistance than Australia and Kiwi farmers can learn a lot from experiences across the Tasman, South Australian plant science consultant Dr Peter Boutsalis says.

Seeds merger worries commission

A merger of DLF Seeds and PGW Seeds might raise prices and reduce quality of ryegrass for kiwi customers, the Commerce Commission says.

Pioneer investigates patchy maize crops

Pioneer has launched an investigation into the causes behind some poorly germinating hybrid maize crops discovered by growers this spring.

Growers have reported patchy growth alongside perfectly healthy emerging seedlings, with little to indicate the cause.

Grass breeds faster than rabbits

Breeding higher-yield forages that feed more and deliver more profit per mouthful is a time-consuming, expensive process. A team at AgResearch has developed some smart techniques that promise to speed up the process and keep New Zealand ahead of the game as the rest of the world wakes up to grass-fed food. Richard Rennie spoke to lead researcher Brent Barrett.