Waiting for a ray of sunshine

Summer is a long time coming for Canterbury arable farmers waiting to get their crops off the paddocks.

Conditions mostly positive ahead of holidays

Farming conditions heading into Christmas and the new year are a mixed bag for the North and South Islands, with some areas well placed heading into the heat of the summer and others struggling with dry conditions.

Focus on plant-based proteins

Work is under way to find viable plant-based proteins that grow well in New Zealand and provide the taste and nutrition consumers demand.

Blockchain consortium launched

Blockchain technology has cemented its place in New Zealand’s primary sector with the launch of a consortium aimed specifically at promoting technology for producers and marketers.

NZ grains met with willing market

Buyers are recognising the benefits of New Zealand grown grains as the market keeps up with bumper cereal crops.

The 2019-20 cereal harvest yielding total grain production for the season at more than one million tonnes, has met a willing market.

Opportunity lies in field peas

The appetite for plant-based meat substitutes has emerged as more than just a fad with consumer preferences now demanding specific brands and ingredients.

Northland enjoys grass bounty

Northland farmers are knee-deep in grass and enjoying what one long-term rural professional called the best spring growth seen in many years.

Hemp a pathway to healthier vines, skin

A career arc that includes nursing, grape-growing, hemp composting and a skincare range may not outwardly have a thread to it, but on closer inspection, Blenheim vineyard co-owner Kirsty Harkness has found some valuable synergies that have contributed to her latest venture. She spoke to Richard Rennie.

No vote a missed opportunity for hemp industry

The no vote majority in the referendum asking whether to legalise cannabis usage in New Zealand has been called a missed opportunity by New Zealand Hemp Industries Association (NZHIA) chair Richard Barge.