Pioneer investigates patchy maize crops

Pioneer has launched an investigation into the causes behind some poorly germinating hybrid maize crops discovered by growers this spring.

Growers have reported patchy growth alongside perfectly healthy emerging seedlings, with little to indicate the cause.

Grass breeds faster than rabbits

Breeding higher-yield forages that feed more and deliver more profit per mouthful is a time-consuming, expensive process. A team at AgResearch has developed some smart techniques that promise to speed up the process and keep New Zealand ahead of the game as the rest of the world wakes up to grass-fed food. Richard Rennie spoke to lead researcher Brent Barrett.

Quick disease diagnosis on cards

Crop success for subsistence African farmers can mean the difference between life and death so waiting six months for a test to identify a disease in their plants is simply too little, too late. But a device developed by Otago University researchers is cutting that to hours. Dr Jo Stanton has seen her science in action in Africa and told Richard Rennie about it.

Vote in favour of seeds sale

PGG Wrightson shareholders have overwhelmingly supported the sale of the seeds and grains business to Danish seeds group DLF.

Agriculture’s future safe in NZ

Despite the views of industry futurists the sun will never set on New Zealand agriculture but there is work to be done, agrifood expert Professor Keith Woodford says.

Tech gives power over evolution

New gene editing techniques will allow precise genetic changes never before possible in crop and livestock breeding and New Zealand plant breeders are urging policy makers revise the law.