Seed sales hit a record high

Seed sales figures for 2018 have plant breeders excited over the record high for the industry.

Seeds merger won’t stymie rivalry

Commerce Commission clearance for the takeover of PGG Wrightson Seeds supports what it said from the start, DLF Seeds New Zealand general manager Tom Bruynel says.

Kiwi croppers share expertise

Top Kiwi farmers are showing America’s best arable producers how to grow premium wheat and barley as a crop rotation.

The world-record holders for wheat and barley yield are set to again impress a discerning American crowd with crops produced by remote control.

Trade deal sows seeds of success

New Zealand’s near $200 million dollar grain and seed exports will benefit from the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership, Grain and Seed Trade Association general manager Thomas Chin says.

Phosphorus levels have fallen

Concentrations of water-polluting, enriched phosphorus in streams and rivers have decreased, research shows.

Enrichment of surface freshwaters with phosphorus can stimulate algal growth, some species are toxic, leading to the loss of oxygen when algae die, fish kills and impairment of water for recreation, drinking, industrial and agricultural uses, research led by Professor Rich McDowell found.

Pioneer works with maize insurer

The country’s largest maize seed supplier is working with an insurance company to settle losses incurred after seed treatment failure in some hybrid varieties this season.

Storm has little impact on crops

Cropping farmers escaped largely unscathed from a southerly storm that hammered Canterbury last Wednesday but watching it for an hour wasn’t pleasant, Federated Farmers arable vice-president Brian Leadley says.

Breeders want more protection

Stronger legislation is needed for New Zealand plant breeders to stay on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

Velvetleaf risk is elevated in maize

More than two years since it was discovered in Waikato velvetleaf has spread further and maize contractors are being targeted to try to slow the spread of the insidious weed.