GM ryegrasses ready for feeding

New glasshouses in New Zealand and United States approval for feed trials are the next steps in AgResearch’s genetically modified ryegrass trials.

NZ has ingredients for new foods

New Zealand has a great opportunity to diversify its farming base by growing protein in pulses and grains and that might extend to edible natives, arable adviser and researcher Nick Pyke says. His company name spells it out – Leftfield Innovation – as Hugh Stringleman finds

Plant protein prospects

Growing wheat instead of dairying on irrigated land could generate more protein with less energy input and much less water and greenhouse gases, environmental farming consultant Alison Dewes says.

Soils could become a carbon sink

The Interim Climate Change Committee recently ruled out using soil to store carbon on farms because the science doesn’t support it. But, as Colin Williscroft discovered, research is under way to see how that might change in the future.

Townie now award-winning farmer

A self-confessed townie who married a farmer, Karen Williams never quite envisaged the path her career would take. She talked to Annette Scott about her journey to top level industry leadership.

Huge effort for farmers recognised

South Canterbury cropping farmer Colin Hurst has been recognised for his immense contribution to the arable industry.

Hurst was crowned Arable Farmer of the Year at the Federated Farmers arable industry group 2019 awards in Wellington.

Arable sector faces a huge system change

The transition facing the arable sector is a huge challenge, Foundation for Arable Research chief executive Alison Stewart says.

External challenges including environmental compliance and the right to farm, post-border and on-farm biosecurity, crop protection and economic sustainability mean the sector must now address how the future looks.

GE necessary to meet farm goals

Many indicators signal a global slow-down in growth but whether they are a problem or an opportunity is the decision cropping farmers need to make, agriculturalist Andy Macfarlane says.

Plant breeder’s world role

The appointment of a New Zealand representative to the International Seed Federation board is key to local plant breeders staking a peg on the global radar, Plant Breeders Association general manager Thomas Chin says.

Road-testing pasture options

Diversified forages hold a great deal of promise for Northland farmers who routinely battle wet winters and dry summers and must factor in kikuyu grass. The results from a provincial project will also be applicable elsewhere in the country, Hugh Stringleman found out.