Trial shows humates boost grass

The reputation of coal rivals that of tobacco. But a recently published, peer-reviewed study shows humates, which originate from the lowest quality coal, have major benefits in boosting pasture growth. Neal Wallace reports.

Grain ships heading for Napier

With no green feed available drought-stricken farmers will feed grain to their livestock, Mid Canterbury Rural Support Trust chairman and livestock grazier Peter Reveley says.

Feed grain on offer

Arable farmers have had one of the better harvest seasons for some time and grain for feed is available.

The latest Arable Industry Marketing Initiative report shows yields for the 2020 harvest are up 16% on 2019.

Arable farmers wary of lambs

A lack of certainty in the market has Mid Canterbury cropping farmers cautious about stocking up with their normal quota of store lambs.

Federated Farmers arable vice chairman Brian Leadley said market uncertainty means cropping farmers are not confident to buy in the usual numbers of winter finishing lambs.

Demand good for Kiwi grains

Despite a 500% increase in demand for flour under lockdown there is no shortage of grain and following lockdown that’s good news for the wheat industry, Arable Food Industry Council chairman Ivan Lawrie says.

Talking to millers he said there’s no lack of flour and there’s increasing demand for grain.

Soil carbon needs more work

Nutrient management has quickly become the latest farming buzz term and indications are New Zealand might not be as good at managing soil degradation as it thinks it is, soil nutrition consultant Paul Smith says.

Speaking at a recent regenerative soil solution conference at Lincoln University Smith presented figures from soil health indicator research comparing 1995-2008 with 2009-13.

The veges must get through

It's business but certainly not as usual as Talleys presses on with the vegetable harvest.

At the final stage of harvest the hard work has been done so it’s important the annual harvest must continue, Talleys vegetables general manager Aaron Chudleigh said.

Cannabis firm buys plant breeder

As medicinal cannabis sales become legal from April 1 a local cannabis processor has moved to secure a seed source for future production.

Taupo based Setek, a medicinal cannabis company, has bought Whanganui hemp breeding company Southern Hemisphere Botanicals (SHB) to give it a vertically integrated plant-to-product operation.

Maize volume okay but feed still tight

The maize silage supply has shaped up better than might have been expected despite one of the driest summers on record stifling production.

Research reveals fodder beet value

New research into fodder beet shows portion control is critical to ensure safe feeding to dairy cows.

Fodder beet is widely used on South Island dairy farms as a versatile, high-energy, high-yield crop that allows cows to put on body condition quickly, if transitioned correctly.