New velvet tracing system is on trial

Deer Industry New Zealand wants industry stakeholders to give feedback on a proposed new velvet traceability system.

Science and policy manager Catharine Sayer said a new type of tag is needed to replace the existing nylon cable ties that tend to become brittle and break during freezing.

Johne’s spike in deer carcases

A spike in Johne’s disease has triggered a warning for deer farmers.

DeerPro, the organisation monitoring the control and management of Johne’s disease on behalf of the deer industry is investigating the unusual spike in the signs of the disease in deer processed late last season.

Challenge in venison to Shanghai

If kiwi firms want to survive in today’s fast-moving Chinese food and beverage market they might want to consider a tight, light and nimble business model to remain viable.

High deer prices sustainable

High and stable venison and velvet prices have been reflected in strong demand for stags with a top price of $155,000 paid for a velvet-trophy animal sold by Crowley Deer from Hamilton.

Stag line makes big bucks

Nixon has certainly paid his way.

The exceptional velvet and trophy stag owned by Crowley Deer from Waikato sold for $300,000 three years ago but his influence is still felt today with a son fetching a season-high of $155,000 this year and another son making $128,000 two years ago.

New venison plant opens

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has opened Alliance’s $15.9 million venison plant at Lorneville near Invercargill.

Euro summer venison sales on up

The northern European autumn and winter game season remains a key market for New Zealand venison with exports to the region expected to reach $70 million this 2018 season.

Deer, velvet prices remain high

Record high venison and velvet prices are expected to remain stable this season but the deer industry is warning the upward trend won’t continue forever.

Plant shows Alliance is serious

Processing has begun at Alliance’s new $15.9 million venison plant at Lorneville in Southland.

The first deer went through the plant last Monday.