Velvet up, venison down

Velvet exports for March were up while venison exports were down, telling two different stories for the deer industry.

Venison faces tough times ahead

Venison marketers have wound back shipments for summer consumption in most European markets.

The closure of restaurants and bars across much of Europe in March slowed venison sales but the well-entrenched game season is expected to ensure a demand for New Zealand venison for the rest of the year.

Velvet quality keeps improving

Velvet quality is higher now than in the past 30 years and deer farmers should be rightly proud of what they have achieved, Deer Industry New Zealand chief executive Innes Moffat says.

But better quality aside, with demand and prices beginning to plateau the industry is not looking for new producers to enter the fray.

Deer sales hit choke points

Deer processors and exporters are digging deep as they explore all options available to reach consumers, Deer Industry NZ chief executive Innes Moffat says.

The spread of covid-19 from Asia to Europe, North America and New Zealand and the closure of food service and hospitality establishments is causing significant issues.

Venison escapes virus disruption

Deer in the farm mix spread the market disruption risk with because venison sales to China are not seriously affected by coronavirus, Deer Industry New Zealand chief executive Innes Moffat says.

Over many years the deer industry has actively sought to diversify its markets to reduce the impact of disruption to any one and it’s done pretty well, Moffat said. 

Dinz gets farm performance man

Deer Industry New Zealand has beefed-up its on on-farm services with the appointment of a farm performance manager.

Waikato stag sets new record price

The easing of venison and velvet prices last season has not stopped another record-breaking season of sales at deer studs across the country.

Chinese sales grow slowly

An increase in global meat prices in response to Chinese demand is not expected to have any direct benefit for Kiwi deer farmers.

Cutting deer emissions tricky

Reducing carbon emissions won’t be easy for deer farmers with cutting stock numbers the only option for many.